Most residents in Canada look forward to the spring months to restore their properties after the cold and harsh winter season. 

Interior spring cleaning is not a big deal. However, exterior cleaning can be challenging. You must add numerous chores to your outdoor spring cleaning checklist to get a cleaner and safer home and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Read on to discover some of the essential things you need to add to your outdoor spring cleaning session. If you are looking for low cost property insurance policies, you can contact a Surex insurance advisor to help you compare insurance quotes online or over the phone.

Outdoor spring cleaning checklist for homeowners in Canada

Here are some tasks that should be at the top of your outdoor spring cleaning checklist:

1. Fences

A good and well-maintained fence will not only protect your house but also add an asthetic appeal to your property. Thus, you need to clean off the fallen leaves and debris from the base and scrub off the mud from the bottom. For this, you can use a hose and the force of water.

To add an extra layer of protection and make it look nice, you can paint your wooden fences with desired colors and use wood oil.

2. Rain gutters

With the upcoming spring showers, you would want your rain gutters to work efficiently to handle the increased water flow. During winter storms, many dry leaves, branches, and debris fall into the gutters, which might clog them.

Thus, you need a ladder to climb the rain gutters and remove as many dead leaves and debris as possible. Then, you can use a water pipe to clean off the remaining debris. While working, also remember to clean the downspouts and ensure they keep water away from the foundation.

3. Exterior walls of your house

The exterior walls keep you safe, warm, and dry throughout winter. However, they tend to get muddy and dirty, especially at the base level.

So to clean it, you can simply use a water pipe with a jet attachment. The force of the water will easily remove any dirt or mud from the exterior walls. You also need to be extra careful at the top of the walls where most insects like termites and ants like to nest. You can always give your exterior a fresh coat of paint. This should be a priority and must be on top of your outdoor spring cleaning checklist activities.

4. Garden beds

It is time to clean your garden beds! First, you can use a leaf blower to blow away the dead leaves. Next, you can trim your bushes and remove last year’s dead annuals.

This is also the perfect time to plant new and fresh trees and shrubs like butterfly bushes and hybrid tea roses.

5. Walkways and pathways

To clean your walkway and drive, you can use a power washer or a hose with a jet attachment. The force of the water will remove any mud, dirt, salt stains, or algae growth. You can use a broom to push away any loose gravel if necessary.

If you discover cracks on your driveway, you must immediately refill the spaces and repair the area.

6. Windows

After a long winter, you need to clean your dirty windows. You can always hire a professional to clean the outside of your windows or do it yourself.

All you need is a sprayer hose attachment, a ladder, a couple of sponges and rugs, and a cleaning fluid. You can use a vacuum to blow off fallen debris or leaves on the window rails.

7. Outdoor furniture and kitchen

After months of storing your garden furniture and kitchen accessories like grills and barbecue, it is time to clean them up. These things have accumulated a lot of dust; you may also find some rodents here and there. So you need to carefully inspect your outdoor furniture, the grills, and the counters for any damage and repair them as soon as possible. You can then use a water pipe to remove the excess dirt or grime.

8. Garage cleaning

While cleaning the outdoors of your home, do not forget the garage. Most people use the garage as a storage space to keep unnecessary tools and stuff. So while cleaning the garage, you need to throw away unnecessary equipment, sporting accessories, and all the other stuff you no longer need. Of course, you can always host a garage sale to give away most of this stuff and earn some cash.

After removing the unwanted objects, you need to clean the floors, knock down the cobwebs, and oil the doors and hinges so that the place looks pleasant.

9. Garden structures

If you have archways, gazebos, and benches in your yard, this is the perfect time for their maintenance too. After the winter, they might look a bit ragged. So you must carefully go through them for any damage and repair and repair them if necessary.

Some other exterior cleaning tasks

Besides these points, you may have other exterior cleaning errands to do:

  • Clean your dog house, pen, and bird houses
  • Clean the bird feeders
  • Report any roadway problems to the authority responsible
  • Remove any debris or bird nests from the chimney top.
  • Appoint an HVAC professional to clean the outdoor units and replace the filters if necessary.

Outdoor cleaning tips

Outdoor spring cleaning can look like a big task at the very beginning. However, if you are organized and you follow these outdoor spring cleaning safety tips, you won’t face any problems:

  1. Take necessary precautions: You need to wear the perfect gear, like a hat and gardening gloves.
  2. Organize your activities: Focus on one big task a day (such as cleaning the garage or windows) and then work on smaller tasks during the remaining part of the day.
  3. Proper survey: You need to carefully inspect and go through your lawn and the other outdoor areas to see if you might require professional help.


Spring cleaning is necessary no matter the size and condition of your house. Consider this as your home’s annual maintenance that helps it stay beautiful for years to come. Thus, having all these tasks on your spring cleaning outdoor checklist is important.

Good luck with your cleaning tasks!

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