49 Pathway Design Ideas for Your Garden

Pathway for garden lead from one area of the garden towards a destination. It is also give your garden landscape some structure along with delineation. To get the best garden pathway, first and foremost, think about the reason to make it; a destination or purpose. If it is for access to your washing line then consider what it will look like when the washing line isn’t there, but if it is purely for access and maintenance of a bed, border or hedge, hide it in the planting, use stepping stones, or integrate it in a bed edge.

48 Simple Rock Garden Decor Ideas For Your Backyard

If you want to beautify your front or backyard, raise your property value or just need a spot to relax and escape the pressures of daily life, consider to make a rock garden. Rock gardening is the best thing that you need, easy to make and does not require much work. You can design it to be any shape and size or as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You can also create a beautiful rock garden by adding flowers, foliage, ponds, waterfalls, and of course, rocks.

38 Creative DIY Fairy Garden Ideas To Try

A fairy garden is a miniature piece of art that is very popular nowadays. There’s so many wonderful fairy gardens online, so, Before you create it on your own, check out these 5 tips that will lead you right down that tiny garden path and open the door to creativity. First of all, fairy garden is about storytelling, so choose a theme to make your decision to pick supplies and accessories that all work together easier. Choose a scale of accessories that look right in proportion to one another, so there’re no more things that may look mismatched and odd.

54 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Decorate your Holiday Season

If decorating your Christmas tree is done, have you though about a wreath for Christmas? Let’s create a gorgeous Christmas wreath to add a festive look to your space with this step-by-step guide and 54 DIY Christmas wreath ideas to inspire you below. First of all, you need a wreath base; a wire ring or a fresh spruce wreath- then get some natural twine to bind everything to your base that holds much longer than glue. Pick the theme to decide how you will decorate your wreath; traditional look, modern look, etc.

59 Inspiring Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Small Space

Vertical garden is a garden that grows vertically using some support system. This technique can be used to create living screens between different areas and also providing privacy to your space. You can use vertical garden to grow flowers, vegetables, or even a succulents. We can say that anything grown on a trellis or even a fence is technically part of a vertical garden.

52 Best Ways To Revamp Your Desk

It is fair to decorate your desk in a way that reflects your characters. You can also have some options to do so. Adding photos from your last holiday or latest photo with your family and friends to motivate your day. The, it is so important to give a calendar to help you keep track from your schedule. and deadlines.

49 Creative Ideas for A Better Backyard

We all wants a beautiful backyard. But if hiring a landscape designer can be a bit pricey for you, there are variety ways to make your backyard beautiful. Just remember that the outdoor space is the best space for entertaining. So, consider to decorate your backyard space that makes you and your guest feel comfortable, relax and truly enjoy the time when you spent there. 

46 Easy and Cheap Backyard Ideas You Can Make Them for Summer

Whether you like modern or traditional styles, there’s a particular style that is appropriate for your backyard. To begin with, you can choose the string lights to provide a wonderful glow at night. You can use a hammock to relax in your backyard. Stone patio with mini fireplace is the most frequent idea to enjoy the breeze on your backyard. You can also apply screen to your porch.