You will find hundreds vintage suitcases at flea market. Or maybe you have on your storage. Suitcase, especially the old one, saves more stories than we think. It is about past trend, time, traveling, or more. Repurpose it as home furniture will be great. Check out these ideas;

Buy new furniture will cost much. If your furniture already look monotonous or even bring, you can hack them to look like brand new. Attach wallpaper will freshen up your furniture without much money. Even, a DIY newbie can do this hack easily. Like these following furniture with wallpaper that may inspire you;

One of the most important elements of home furniture is storage. Most of people will use cabinet or drawer as storage. Unfortunately, someday they add their things more. So, adding storage is a must. Rather than spending money to buy new cabinet or drawer, it will be better to create shelves. Check out these ideas:

Holiday is the time to enjoy precious moments spent with family and friends. But we often find ourselves rushing to decorate our homes perfectly. Here are some tips for you to make your home look festive. First of all, consider to decorate your space by using something that you’ve got. Choose a color that corporate the whole decor of your space.

Whether you are enchanted with the traditional designs or a lush and leafy one, wreaths are an easy way to add holiday cheer to your space, especially to your entrance. You can buy it or if you are a DIY-lovers, all you have to do is just gather the right supplies, seasonal embellishments, and a large dose of holiday spirit to make a perfect wreath. When making your own wreath, be sure to always work in a clockwise direction, following the wreath’s branches that will help the wreath’s design to ‘flow’. First of all, start by adding foliage and natural leaves.