Enjoy your summer at backyard by reading novel will not make you feel hot because of the canopy. Its cover you and all your goods but still make you comfort. The unique design will give aesthetic value for your home as well. Whether you want to make it more accessible or private, it will be up to you. Here are eight inspiring canopy design ideas for you;

Miniature garden is a smart choice as your home decoration. It doesn’t need more space. You only need some glasses that already unused. It will be better for you to make a terrarium by you yourself than buy it at some stores. Think that this project neither needs more time nor money. You only need creativity and art. Here are 9 ideas of making terrarium that can be made by you.

House number is the identity of your house. Whenever anybody wants to come to your house they will ask the number. It makes the easy to find where your house is. But, sometimes it’s hard to see the number when the design is not matched with the house. So, here are nine house number design ideas to help you repair your house number design.

Summer will begin soon. Get ready to make your own cabana to enjoy the season. You will need more time to make cabana by yourself. Nevertheless, the result will surprise you. Nothing more challenging than you can do something useful for yourself. Here they are, some cabana ideas that can be made by you to face summer.

A wooden cable reel is a beautiful circular object, shaped like a drum such as a spool which is used to carry various types of electrical wires. The cable reel which we are talking about is wooden cable reel. These wooden reels are very durable and can bear heavy loads. They are mostly discarded after the cable has been used and can be obtained easily from certain construction sites. These recycled furniture products are obviously pretty cheap cost wise as one has not to pay against the wood neither one has to further mold or shape them. So these are easily cut and shaped like daily use practical furniture products and used by the ones who are not willing to buy expensive furniture for some specific place.

Cork as a material has proven to be very flexible and resourceful. The cork board is the most popular product and there are many ways in which you can include it in your home decor. Although cork boards are designed for large offices, they can make great creations at home. This simple design can save space and help you avoid chaos at home. Most cork boards can be purchased from the store. But with a personal touch, you can turn your dull boring board into something spectacular.

Do you have a collection of boring paper clips on your desk? Take and change them become some cute bookmarks is an interesting idea. Just provide some colorful ribbons and buttons so you will love it rightaway. This crafts don’t take time and easy to make. Let’s follow the directions.

Concrete is not just for the infrastructure and base of certain buildings.It is a very versatile material, easy to work with and incredibly durable, you can use concrete in a variety of DIY projects including home improvement. Concrete has many advantages. It is cheap and very easy to get, waterproof, anti-oxidation and not easy to damage.

What do you usually do on weekend? Surely, there are many fun things you can enjoy, for instance having fun with friends or going to beach. Still, if you just want to stay at home, you can do something to distract your boring time. For example, creating crafts that easy to make. So, you may need creative ideas in this week.

Lighting is the key to make your house brighter. A bright room brings your house to look wider. There are many lamps to use, but it will be outstanding if you make the lamp by yourself. The design will as like as your desire. This is to make your house more beautiful.