Farmhouse style is distinctly all-American, and this style have a collected-over time look, complete with old-school prints, distressed furnishings, and vintage finishes. As the basic, farmhouse style mostly consist of sturdy, time-tested furniture handcrafted from distressed woods and wrought iron. The color palettes of this style is not so far from white, gray, cream, navy and sage. This style also focus on upcycling and renovating; old becomes new.

Nowadays, swimming pools are a quintessential feature of the perfect backyard. And with improved pool technologies, the pool industry has never been busier. Can we have pool even if we only have small yard? Well, yes you can because the success of a great pool design is not measured in size, it comes back to the core fundamentals of good design, form and function.

It is fair to decorate your desk in a way that reflects your characters. You can also have some options to do so. Adding photos from your last holiday or latest photo with your family and friends to motivate your day. The, it is so important to give a calendar to help you keep track from your schedule. and deadlines.

Improving your home is fun, but it can spend a lot of time and money. Sometimes the smaller details that spend less time and money can really make a big difference in making the house look neat and even friendly. The first thing people see when they visit you in your house is the mailbox. Usually mailboxes are homogeneous and often they can be ignored. Sure, you can buy a funny or new mailbox from the store but make yourself much more fun. So try these mailbox projects to get inspired.

Nature always presents its beauty with colorful blooming flowers and plants. For you who like gardening, create ring planter is a nice idea to beautify your outdoor with the various of bloomings and plants. Even you can do it in a simple way, that is by utilizing spaces around the tree in your yard. The material of ring planter are usually easy to find such as stones, wood, or bricks. It depends on the design and concept of planter itself.

Tea time with family or just watching tv usually can be done in the living room. It’s because living room is a very comfortable place to enjoy quality time with family. To make it interesting and cozy you can refresh the living room in easy and simple way. In this post, we have provided some pictures for you. Just check them and hopefully you’ll get best idea.

Mirror on your wall can give your space a brand new life. Find a shape that works for you because shape plays an important role in defining any space. The shape of the mirror can create a mood, accentuate what is already there or even give an illusion of something else. The size of the mirror is also something that has to consider because it can influence the impact you want to create.