Buttons are again versatile and easy to find anywhere. Furthermore, buying some buttons will not spend a lot of money. They are nice with different colors and shapes. Using buttons to make a craft is not hard. Now, see around your stuff. When they already look dull and old why don’t you upgrade them up? It doesn’t much time. What you need to do is only attach the buttons on the old stuff you have. Check out our list below to see how and old stuff looks newer.

Bowl and Tray With Buttons

Bowl and try with buttons


The old bowl looks more interesting with more buttons. Only by attaching buttons, you will great a new look of bowl and tray. You can do so for your own old bowl or old tray. This project also needs not expensive materials just buttons and glue.

Decorative Curtain With Buttons

Upgrade your curtain look by adding some buttons. Well, it is not hard at all. Just attach the button you want by using thread. Feel free to style in any pattern. Then, you will see your curtain looks brand new after finishing this project. Awesome, right?

DIY Pretty Button Tea Light Holders

Use these tea lights to enlighten your porch or garden. We love the design with buttons. Only by gluing the buttons on the glass or jars, you will get pretty tea light holders just like the pictures. Put this in any space you want. The light will give you a more romantic feeling.

DIY Refashion Button Skirt

An old skirt will look more eye-catching after you add some buttons. Choose any color you like to spruce up your old skirt. Feel free to only glue them or sew them by hand. Combine the skirt with other outfits just like a t-shirt, cropped top, or soon.

Simple Curtain Catcher

Why don’t you upgrade your curtain catcher by adding some buttons? This little touch will improve your window decor as well. No need to worry, this project is less consuming and will not spend a lot of money. Even, a beginner can do this craft in minutes.

DIY Button Lampshade

Rather than buying a new lamp shade, it will be better for you to hack it with simple touches. In this picture, the owner adds colorful buttons of different sizes. Glue the buttons one by one and let them dry for almost one day. Then, you will get a new lamp for your bedroom. Cool, huh?

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