A bedroom is such a vital space that anyone should have in their home. Furthermore, upgrading a bedroom decoration will be expensive. A new bedsheet or rug can cost $200. So, what should we do to improve our bedroom on a limited budget? The answer is by creating DIY pieces. In this article, we are going to show you our ideas of DIY bedroom items that will spruce up your bedroom decor. Let us check them out further below to get more inspiration:

DIY Stenciled Dresser

Diy stenciled dresser


This dresser will cost more than $1000 if you buy the new one. However, you can get it cheaper if when you can do some touches with stencils and the right type of paint. Feel free to customize the pattern but natural flowers look pretty.

Old Wood For Bed

Do you like farmhouse things? This bedroom looks pretty elegant with DIY reclaimed wood. It is no need to repaint the wood. Just let the natural color as it be. Then, apply white or any color duvet you want. However, you should have at least basic woodworking skills to make this bed.

DIY Bohemian Wall Hanging

Here is a simple wall hanging for a bedroom that made of cheap materials. Just take driftwood from your garden. Hang your craft on it by using thread. It can be butterflies, stars, leaves, or anything made of paper. This is the easy and cheap project ever!

Framing Natural Leaves

Look at this bedroom decor that looks so impressive with leaves. What makes it so special is that the leaves are pressed in a frame. So, they will more durable. To create these frames, you will not break your bank. Yes, those are easy to make and affordable for everyone.

Painted Vintage Side Table

One of the easiest ways to makeover your old furniture is by painting it. This side table looks more eye-catching after the owner repaints it with cherry color. You can get an old side table from a thrift store and apply a new color to it.

Faux Marble Bed Tray DIY

Who says that a DIY project is only about simple and easy things? Look at this picture that shows an elegant and luxurious marble bed tray. It works well to support your laptop when you have to work in bed. Make the tray from wood and cover it with marble contact paper. Then, add gold hardware to get extra polish.


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