Decorating outdoor, especially a pool, needs more time to think in order to get the best result. It is because a pool will give a fresher atmosphere. So, why don’t we spruce it up to be as great as we want? For the one who wishes to have a contemporary pool but loves boho style as well, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show a great boho meets contemporary pool decoration that you will love.

Amazing Boho Pool Space With Daybeds

Amazing boho pool space with daybeds

Whether you want to hold a party or just swim with your dearest friend, this pool is nice. Take a look at the daybeds with pillows beside the pool that so comfy. Then, it has potted cacti, succulents, and plants for more natural touches. The cool pool clad with mosaic tiles looks so enchanting.

Welcoming Boho Space

Welcoming boho space - copy

The patio looks cozy with a jute rug and ottoman. It provides simple furniture and potted plants that tell us more about boho chic. Then, the wicker lamps and a hanging chair look nice as well to complete this area.

Small Boho Pool Space

Small boho pool space

We still feel the contemporary feeling in this pool with inner lights and candle lanterns. The decor and potted plants bring this space into a more bohemian look. Though this is only a small pool but will give us a quiet place.

Minimalist Pool Space With Boho

Minimalist pool space with boho

In this minimalist pool space, we are given a nice look with boho touches. Look at the wicker bench and an antique Asian door that shows us more traditional feeling. Even, the metal chairs and potted plants are designed with the aim of a boho look.

Bright Moroccan Boho Patio

Bright moroccan boho patio

It might become one of the most favorite DIY decorations in these lists. Look at the amazing mosaic tiles and candle lanterns that tell more about a Moroccan feel. It has rattan furniture and potted plants plus neutral textiles that also bring contemporary tone.

Boho Pool Space With Moroccan Touches

Boho pool space with moroccan touches

In this pool, we are given a cool decoration with potted greenery and cacti for natural feels. Then, the lanterns and Moroccan blanket-inspired pillows spruce up this poolside very well. The pool covered with concrete looks so warm.

Small Pool With Mosaic Decor

Small pool with mosaic decor

On the bottom of the pool, there is a mosaic decor that looks so interesting. It has sculptures as well to attain a bohemian look. Then, the growing cacti and trees give more natural touches. Overall, this is a contemporary pool with mosaic decor that so enchanting.


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