Getting bored with how your windows look? Here we have outstanding ideas to recreate the beauty of your window’ presentation with window boxes. Here are the Blissful DIY Window Boxes To Step Up Your Most Gorgeous Outdoor Decoration.

DIY Flower Pot Window Boxes


It is a creative idea to have striking window boxes designed to hold your four flower pots. This action will help you to have an easier way to water your plants. Besides, you can also swap them out for new ones when it is time for changing the plants.

DIY Wood Shim Window Boxes


Hello there! This walnut-stained window box is definitely stunning by its wood shims that create character and texture. This sturdy wood frame is good to ensure your super-secure fit. Before you hang the box on your window, you may fill it with your lovely plants and flowers that create height and hang over the edge. Last, this box can easily set on your frame and removed later for changing out the flowers.

DIY Coastal Window Boxes

This idea is showing you a unique idea of a watering system, within the box using PVC pipes and rope. One thing for sure, these dreamy coastal window boxes are created by simple PVC planks.

DIY Cottage Chic Flower Boxes

This easy to follow the flower box with its cottage chic presentation is so pretty. This cottage style of a white window box is created by the carved wood brackets. You may try this!

DIY Craftsman-Style Window Boxes

To create this window box, try applying waterproofing combination sealer and stain to keep it looking gorgeous all year around. Besides, this type of window box is easy to build and has a rewarding impact.

DIY Mahogany Window Boxes

We have to say thanks to the rich mahogany stain in this world.  It is because Mahagony window boxes stand out impressively against white and black trim. As the additional information, the wood stain is not only giving a touch of character and beauty to the bare wood but also as protection.

DIY Picket Fence Window Boxes


Another unique idea is having is a picket fence window box that is affordable and durable cedar fence planks. You can have it wither with a classic white picket fence look or any color you love.

DIY Galvanized Herb Garden Window Boxes

Get your galvanized tub or bucket then turn it into a window box planter like on the picture above. Then, fill it with fresh herbs like oregano, basil, mint or parsley then you will have the most edible essentials for your kitchen.

DIY Twig Window Boxes

It is a beauty of destruction creation. A twig window box is created by plywood frames and debris that gather together in a shaped.


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