Are you planning a small wedding ceremony in your backyard for yourself or a close family member, or a friend? Well, one thing is for sure that you are going to have the most wonderful and intimate wedding where everyone is going to have a fantastic time. Nothing could get more intimate and personal than a small wedding ceremony in the backyard.

While it sure sounds simple and convenient, it sure can be challenging to hold a small wedding in the backyard of your house. You must think about the decoration, the design constraints, and the costs of course.

 Here are some tips on how to convert your backyard into the wedding venue of your dreams and convenience and affordability.

  • Level and spruce everything – First things first, prepare the backyard and all you need to do is level the ground so that there are no trips and falls. You would not want uneven ground as the venue of the wedding. Spruce up the garden beds and create a clean and even space for the wedding.
  • Arrange the seating space–  You can place modern teak outdoor patio chair and other furniture items to create a lively and warm atmosphere for guests. Try to match couches, antique chairs, and cushions available in several colors to make a strong impact. You can personalize whatever you want and make beautiful candle holders and seating areas as per the wedding theme.

  • Decorate the garden and trees -It is an excellent idea to cover those trees or garden fences with some lights and decorations. For example, you could hang some chandeliers on the tress to brighten up the space. Fairy lights really look grand as a backyard wedding décor and indeed look very pretty and attractive.

  • Focus on the entrance and walkway – Design a rusting entrance to make your backyard look appealing. Use nature, lanterns, and wood signs to create a unique path for the guests as they enter the backyard. You can follow some DIY tips or use your creativity to create a beautiful entrance and walkway that would make everyone feel special. Do not forget to place a  grand Welcome sign at the entrance with the name of the Bride and Groom.

  • For the couple – Do design a special corner or seating idea for the couple and make it look simple but classy. You could create a raised platform or a stunning couch and decorate the area with fresh blooming flowers. Set up a small space nearby with diffusers and scented candles and keep the backyard wedding full of warm glow and a beautiful fragrance.

Whatever you do, keep things simple and elegant and follow a consistent theme with the colors, wedding flowers, and décor. As you can see, it is possible to have a grand wedding in your backyard with some lovely decoration ideas which are inexpensive and beautiful. So, get prepping and just keep the above ideas in mind to plan a great wedding ceremony with a dreamy décor!

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