A basket is known for its function to store things. However, there is a thing that you should know that baskets could be designed into varied forms, colors, and patterns. Those variations make it possible for you to use it as your home ornament. In this case, applying it as the wall decoration is the best thing you can do with the baskets. Anyway, if you think that it is quite confusing how to apply the baskets and where you should apply them, then here we have some recommendations for you from the entryway, living room, and bedroom. Check them out!

Entryway Decor

It can’t be doubted that we have difficulties in decorating our entryway, sometimes. It is caused by the narrow space that the entryway has. Related to the small space decoration, the wall decoration is something that always recommended. It becomes the reason why the baskets could be proper for your entryway wall decoration. You can install it randomly or arrange it to shape a certain form. Here are the references for you.

Baskets Wall Art from Shelterness

Colorful Wall Baskets from Shelterness

DIY Multi Color Wall Basket from Shelterness

DIY Basket Wall Art from Countryliving

Patterned Wall Basket from Shelterness

Basket Wall Gallery from Kellyelko

Wicker Wall Basket from Shelterness

White and Black Wall Basket from Shelterness

Decorative Basket Wall from Bhg

DIY Rattan Basket Wall from Lisaleonard

Flat Weave Basket Wall from Littlehouseoffour

Decorative Basket Wall from Katrinaleechambers

Weave Basket Wall from Katrinaleechambers

Patterned Basket Wall from Katrinaleechambers

Black Basket Wall from Katrinaleechambers

Old Basket Wall from Katrinaleechambers

Round Basket Wall from Liketoknow

Three Basket Wall from Thespruce

DIY Basket Wall Galley from Thespruce

Patterned Basket Wall from Town-n-country-living

Beautiful Basket Wall from Shelterness

Living Room Decor

Since the living room becomes the spot where you will spend your time with your family and friends, then you should decorate it well. With its uniqueness, the basket could be one of the ornament choices for your living room decoration. You can install it on the wall behind your living sofa, above the fireplace (if you have it), or near the television. Get the complete references below.

Plain Basket Wall from Countryliving

Boho Basket Wall from Shelterness

Basket Wall Art from Homebeautiful

Round Basket Wall from Home-designing

Color Block Basket Wall from Blog.modsy

Woven Basket Wall from Home-designing

Gallery Basket Wall from Chatelaine

Small Basket Wall from Bergerpaints

Boho Basket Wall from Blog.jungalow

Woven Bamboo Baskets Wall from Theeverygirl

Classic Basket Wall from Hgtv

Living Room Basket Wall from Littlegoldpixel

Round and Rectangular Basket Wall from Countryliving

Patterned Basket Wall from Sunlitspaces

Basket Wall Galleries from Drivenbydecor

Moroccan Basket Wall from Homedesignlover

Rattan Basket Wall from Kelleynan

Two Basket Wall from Theeverygirl

Natural Basket Wall from Theunstitchd

Bamboo Basket Wall from Joliplace

Decorative Basket Wall from Joliplace

Bedroom Decor

A bedroom is a private room. This room is recommended because it is the spot where you can freely express yourself in giving the decoration. You can use any basket design and color that fits your taste and decoration needs. The application is also up to you. However, we’ll give you the consideration where the baskets will be awesome if you install them on the wall above the headboard, on the corner of your reading spot, near the window, or your vanity mirror.

Mediterranean Basket Wall from Brightbazaarblog

Medium Basket Wall from Sunlitspaces

Two Basket Wall from Apartmenttherapy

Basket Wall from Littlegoldpixel

Plain Basket Wall from Shelterness

Patterned Basket Wall from Shelterness

Round Baskets Wall from Shelterness

Bamboo Basket Wall from Thehoneycombhome

Shallow Basket Wall from Drivenbydecor

Decorative Wall Baskets from Decorpad

Wicker Rattan Baskets Wall from Simplestylings

Patterned Basket Wall from Marthastewart

Small Basket Wall from Theunstitchd

Concave Basket Wall from Joliplace

DIY Flat Basket Wall from Blesserhouse

Woven Flat Basket Wall from Thespruce

DIY Three Wall Basket from Hgtv

Patterned Bamboo Basket Wall from Runtoradiance

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