A balcony is a treasure for you who live in an apartment or in an area that doesn’t give you the possibility to have a yard or an outdoor spot. The balcony can be used to be a porch or even a garden at once. Here, what you have to do is finding a way to maximize your balcony utilization. Decorate it based on your needs, your purpose, and what you expect for your balcony. We have ten ideas that will surely help you to get the best balcony decoration with its utilization. Get the complete discussion below.

Apply Minimalist Style

Complementing your small balcony decoration with minimalist furniture is a perfect idea. You can use a semi-circular wooden table and chair pad to create a comfortable place to relax on your balcony. Then add some alan potted plants to give the perfect freshness on your balcony. Minimalist Furniture from Decoist.

Reading Nook

Adding a reading nook to your balcony is an interesting idea. Using a modern yellow chair with a gray footrest will be the most comfortable place to read. You can also add industrial shelves to display your book collection so it will look neater. Cozy Reading Nook from Shelterness.

Providing Swing

A balcony is a comfortable place to relax while enjoying the view. Installing a wicker swing on the balcony is the right idea so that it will become your favorite place. You can complement your swing with a soft pad so that it will make you feel more comfortable. Wicker Swing from Shelterness.

Make Use the Wall Space

If you have a small balcony, taking advantage of wall space is an idea that will never fail. You can install a floating rack on the wall so that it will make your wall stand out more. Then you can use it to display your book collection so that it will present its own attraction. Wall Rack from Shelterness.

Greenery for Your Small Garden

To create the perfect natural look on your balcony, try making a small garden there. You can make a vertical garden wall with wooden planks. Then you can hang greenery and blooming flowers there so that it will present the perfect beauty on your balcony. Vertical Garden from Homebnc.

Balcony View

A balcony is a suitable place to gather with family or just relax. The balcony decoration with sea view looks very beautiful and attractive. You can complete your balcony with a daybed so you can relax there while enjoying the beautiful view. Sea View from Stylisheve.

Providing Daybed

Furniture is one of the important things to create a comfortable balcony decoration. You can use a daybed to complement your balcony so that it will provide the perfect comfort. Completing the daybed with cushions will add to the comfort there so that it will become your favorite place. White Daybed from Digsdigs.

Breakfast Bar to the Railing

You can make a breakfast bar on your small balcony so you can have breakfast enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Making a breakfast bar to the railing is the right solution so it won’t take up a lot of space on your small balcony. Choosing a wooden material to make a breakfast bar can never go wrong, so it will give you a perfectly natural look. Wooden Breakfast Bar to the Railing from Thespruce.

Pretty Lighting

Lighting is one of the things that can affect your balcony decoration. Using string lights for lighting ideas on your balcony is the right choice. You can wrap string lights on your balcony railing so that it will provide beautiful and attractive lighting. String Light from Shelterness.

Installing Balcony Shade

Balcony Shade is one of the important things to create comfort on your balcony. Try to install a retractable awning on your balcony so that you provide shade and can be adjusted according to your needs. Choosing a striped retractable will present a beautiful and lively look. Retractable Awning from Avso.

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