Invented and patented by John, Landis Mason back in 1858, hence the name, Mason jars were originally created to help with the preservation of food. The jars are still being used today and their utility has gone beyond the original intended purpose. Mason jar crafts and projects have been a craze for a long time now. Mason jars are easy to find and are quite affordable. You can find them at your local craft store or use old jars from your recycling. It’s shocking the amazing things you can make with just a little bit of creativity.

DIY Funfetti Soy Mason Jar Candle

Source : Mason Jar Breakfast

Not only do Mason jar soy candles help make your home smell better, they’re also pretty. Most homemade Mason jar candles, including this one, are fairly customizable so you can create something that really fits in with your home and your personal tastes.

Mason Jar Oil Lantern

Source : A Piece Of Rainbow

Oil lamps have been used for hundreds of years as a source of light. Now you can incorporate them into your home while making a decorative statement. By customizing these lamps with fruit, leaves and flowers, you’ll have truly unique mason jar centerpieces.


This typography was created using foam letters as well as puff paint. We really like how the foam letters turned out!

Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jar

This is yet another great and creative use for jars – with several clean mason and jelly jars, you can quickly craft a distressed chalkboard mason jar that will add the perfect rustic look to your house.

Superhero Banks

This is an interesting method to teach your kids about saving.Your kids can create their own “piggy” banks out of mason jars. This project allows them to personalize the jars to resemble their favorite superheroes.

Soap Dispenser

Give your kitchen some country style with Mason Jar Soap Dispensers. They’re inexpensive to make and brings the perfect vintage touch to your space.

Mondrian Mason Jar

Source : Mason Jar Crafts Love

Feeling artsy and classy at the same time? Stained glass is the answer. Make a stained glass from Piet Mondrian art on a mason jar and this will be the master piece of your house.

Vintage Photo

This is a photo jar with a twist – it is not exactly your regular photo frame, given the fact that the jar is actually filled with oil, for the ultimate visual illusion. If you want your vintage photos to come to life in an instant, then here is how you can do just that, quickly and effortlessly.

Chocosaurus Rex Cookie Jar

Source : Hot Polka Dot

A great way to take your children by surprise is to make a nice little Chocosaurus Rex cookie jar – place a small dinosaur on the lid of the cookie jar if you want to make it even more appealing!

Burlap and Doily Luminaries

Use lace doilies to design your very own light fixtures that are sure to warm up any space with a gentle glow and make you feel like you’re back at grandma’s waiting for that delicious home-cooking.

Glitter Vases

Add some sparkle to your home’s decor with these lovely DIY glitter vases. They are quick and easy to make and perfect for parties, weddings or just to add a touch of sparkle to your dining room table.

Lace Mason Jar Vase

This stunning and chic mason jar idea is a showstopper when paired with blooming flowers. It makes a great centerpiece for a dining room table or mantle with the intricate details of the lace providing a nice focal point.

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