Celebrate the 4th with red, white and blue decor ideas to put a festive spin on traditional Americana with this DIY projects below. The significant white, red and blue colors go together really well and the inclusion of the stars makes the perfect addition not only to the flag itself, but also to everything else that is flag-inspired. Check out these 10 DIY projects that celebrate the American flag below to inspire you.

The best way to beat the heat during summer is by enjoying an ice-cold drink. To keep it cool, all you need is a cool cooler. These 9 DIY projects is definitely make your outdoor activity much cooler. Check this out!

That mismatched table of your chargers is driving you crazy. All you need is a good charging station to keep battery life high and cord tangles low so there is no more low battery anxiety. Here are 10 smart DIY phone charging station ideas to consider below.

To get the most for your money and lighten their impact on the earth, buy products that can be upgraded, repaired and repurposed, so you can get full use of them for a long time. Get creative with products that no longer be used for their original purpose. Many items can be repurposed, or even upcycled into something new and different. Now check out these 10 DIY projects to repurpose an old map below to inspire you. 

The idea of repurposing your item is simply to make your old stuff become useful again. As all we know, there are so many stuff that you can give them a new life. So, instead of throwing away them, think about some project that can make your stuff turns into something good and beautiful. If you have some vinyl at home, why don’t you try to repurpose it with these 9 creative ways to repurpose it below.

Every space in your home is enhanced with beautiful light and illumination from natural means like sunlight to artificial means such as lamps and lighting fixtures. When choosing lampshade, choose the one that compliment the colors in your space. Look at the base and lampshade as a pair. Don’t forget to decide how your lampshade will fit in your interior.

Also determine if your lampshade is for ambiance, function or both. Consider to use light toned shades for more light diffusion into your space and use darker shades to create a mood or ambiance in your space. When you feel that finding the right lampshade that is perfect for your space is a bit impossible, or if DIY is your middle name, check out these 10 DIY lampshade ideas below to inspire you. 

Let’s welcome summer by upgrading your home decor. Get rid of pieces that are dark, gloomy or fussy and stow away heavy accessories at home. Check out these 10 DIY summer crafts project to boost your home decor below and have a great summer time!

Wedding day is the most special day for everyone. We all desire to have the best wedding ceremony that will run perfectly. In wedding, there are many things that you need to consider. But sometimes, the limit of your budget is become the main problem. Worry not, because there are so many ways that you can do even with a small budget. We’ve rounded up beautiful arrangement that you can craft for your wedding day. Check out these 10 DIY floral arrangement that you can use on your wedding day below. And your wedding will be full of beautiful flowers that come out just exactly the way you want.

Summer is near. Many people are excited to welcome summer. All of us started to think about the summer vacation, party and many things. And we need a perfect summer vacation that will make everyone envy you and also memorable for ourselves. Just make it happen with these colorful DIY projects to make your summertime picture perfect below. 

Before you decided to decorate your rent house, get written permission from the landlord. With your agreements spelled out in ink, chances fare better that the lord of your manor will remember your pact, and you’ll move on to your next castle with peace of mind and, hopefully, a deposit fully returned. Be thrifty and beware of purchasing used upholstered items. Do accessorize by give an accent in lighting, curtains, rugs, plants, and else to fill your space with your personality. Check out these 10 easy DIYs to bring your rental home a fabulous look below.