Laundry room is one of the room’s space that you need to consider. The laundry room needs to always look attractive, well organized, and up to date, so you feel enjoy during your laundry chore time. To organize your laundry room, think of convenience first; set it up near where dirty laundry would collect, or near the bedrooms where clean laundry gets sent. Also keep in mind that accidental flooding may sometimes happen, so waterproof the flooring below the laundry machine (especially if your laundry room is located on a second floor).

Decorating a dorm room can be a scary thing, but it is fun to enjoy the first year of college. You can decor it with string light as the lighting. Use extra bedcover with cute color and thick blanket. Choose the color room with the theme that makes you comfort or according to your hobby. You can also stick some photos on the room wall or give it with frame. Beside giving photo frame, you can also use your initial name in large size to put it on the wall.

Teenagers are awesome creatures. They’re becoming educated, making informed decisions, becoming who they are as individuals and expressing themselves. If you are searching for teen bedroom ideas, first of all, think about what your teen loves and see their bedroom through their perspective. Ask them to get involved when decorating their room, so they can express themselves through their bedroom; listen and guide them so you know which style is the best for them.

Spring is the best time to spruce up your home space. If you are deciding to decorate your bedroom with spring spirit, start with white bedding to make your space look fresh and clean. After that, build it up with many ways; wool knit, fur throws, linen throws that is lightweight, neutral and so soft. You can also accent it with colorful pillows from some fabrics to add a pop of color to your spring bedroom decor. 

Whether you are decorating your entire house with nautical decorations or just one room, here are some strategies to make your own tropical paradise. If you are bored with your tedious room and want to change it, then use the ship’s wheel. This is the most prominent decoration in a minimalist home. Antique and classic look. Then give anchor ornament at the front door. Choose a size that is not too large to make it look attractive and cute.

If you are trying to make everything fit in your small bathroom space, we think that you need help. To maximize your small bathroom space, consider to install a corner sink instead of a sink across from the shower. As for the shower, the opening and closing of the shower door can creates an awkward walk-around condition. So, it is better to use a shower curtain instead of the shower door.