If decorating your Christmas tree is done, have you though about a wreath for Christmas? Let’s create a gorgeous Christmas wreath to add a festive look to your space with this step-by-step guide and 54 DIY Christmas wreath ideas to inspire you below. First of all, you need a wreath base; a wire ring or a fresh spruce wreath- then get some natural twine to bind everything to your base that holds much longer than glue. Pick the theme to decide how you will decorate your wreath; traditional look, modern look, etc.

If you want to rework your clear glass ornaments into something worthwhile for your Christmas decor, you don’t need to be a DIY expert. All you need to do is grab some craft glue, purchase an ornaments or two, or more and pick from some of clear glass ornament ideas. For example, you can fill your clear glass bulb with greenery and an elegant ribbon tie to hang it on the Christmas tree. Or you can also crafting a mini terrarium with clear glass ornaments; an air plants with some elements like sticks and evergreen branches for a simpler, more festive look.

Makeover your home by using cozy and warm rustic DIY decoration. You can choose form hundred ideas Christmas decoration indoor or outdoor. Your home will be filled with some traditional and rustic Christmas decoration without breaking your account. Choose from some ideas bellow.

When Christmas is near, we all start to think about our Christmas home decor. Having a festive decor does not always cost much money. With a little creativity and many DIY projects out there to copy, having a unique and festive decor is something that is so easy to achieve. And the one that helps us the most is the dollar store.

As we all know, wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of Christmas for hundred and hundreds of years ago. Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of your home and it is a symbol of growth and everlasting life. It can easily be found inside and outside of the house. It is common to find a number of it on doors, over the mantle or hung in windows.

Christmas decor is not complete without a sparkle lights. But before you add some of it, here are some expert tips to create a winter wonderland to your own home. First of all, consider to use lights with the UL (underwriters Laboratories) label and be sure you are using lights designed specifically (especially for outdoor use). If it’s so, choose LED (light-emitting diode) light strings are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent light strings that save your money, glow at lower temperatures and last longer than standard incandescent holiday lights.

Plunge pools are becoming more popular nowadays. And it is a lot more versatile and can provide year round enjoyment to the whole member of the family. Typically, the size of it are about 4m x 3m and 5m x 2m, but the size is actually is flexible, so, choose the one that fits best to your area. As well as entry steps it can be great to include some large underwater seats or ledges to lay on and relax.

Outdoor lighting can create a good difference to your house, and the different sorts of lighting ideas can bring out the attractiveness of your home by highlighting and bring out the feature you want. If you decided to give to add a lighting to your outdoor space, make sure to incorporate the 3 basic types of lighting; ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting can be achieve through hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights, while task lighting is including pathway lights, plus deck and security light. And you can get the accent lighting with landscape kits and spotlights. 

Vertical garden is a garden that grows vertically using some support system. This technique can be used to create living screens between different areas and also providing privacy to your space. You can use vertical garden to grow flowers, vegetables, or even a succulents. We can say that anything grown on a trellis or even a fence is technically part of a vertical garden.