22 Best Ways to Apply the Glitter into Your DIY Craft

Who doesn’t like glitter? That shiny little object sweetens a variety of accessories trinkets. For craftsmanship, glitter powder has rather large particles and makes this product have a sparkling effect when used on the accessories. That is why it is really worthy to be used as the DIY glitter craft.

21 Stand Out DIY Glitter Ornament for Your Home Decoration

Glitter has sparkling colors where there will be so many awesome DIY glitter craft you can make. Here, the sparkle is suitable to make the things even more beautiful. Glitter can make your furniture and ornament seem luxurious where it usually used to decorate candle holders, mason jar, plant pots and so on.

30 Easy DIY Crafts for Your Kids’ Fun Activities

Children certainly love to make various handicrafts with unique shapes because this can be a way to bring out creativity. In addition, this activity is also very fun and you can help your child to express his imagination by making various handicrafts.

20 Pretty DIY Christmas Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

Christmas Eve is a great time to gather and have dinner with family. Therefore we must decorate the dining table as beautiful as possible. Certainly, the table settings that are too ordinary will make the dining table less attractive. Then there are various ways to make the dining table more attractive, one of which is to place a centerpiece.

20 Adorable DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas will soon arrive, and the items that must be available during the Christmas celebration are Christmas trees. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree is a very fun activity because we did that with family. The ornaments to use for your Christmas tree such as string lights, ribbons, Santa hats, colorful balls, lollipops and so on.

30 On Budget DIY Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table is a furniture that can be used as decoration at home. Then the unique coffee table that has an out-of-the-box design will attract attention. For example, the unusual design, shape, and materials make the coffee table look attractive.

30 Adorable DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas

Fast, beautiful, and fun, outdoor planters will add beauty to any yard. Almost all used items can be used to make containers for your plants that are colorful and cheerful. If you are interested in making a planting container in the DIY way, you can simply look at these extraordinary outdoor planter ideas.

24 Pretty DIY Cushions to Add Beauty for Your Sofa

As the sweetener for your sofa, cushion can be created into so many different designs. Even more, if you know exactly on how to manage the design with your room decoration style it will be perfect. In hence, it is important for you to recognize the characteristic of your room style.