For the beauty enthusiast, you must be known on how amazing a vanity mirror is. But for you who don’t know yet about it, let’s say that this is a mirror with lamps on it to help you do your make up things easily as it will light up your face so that you can see in details to achieve your best perfect make up.

If your life has been complicated enough, then having a minimalist room design may will be the right choice for you so that you can have a wider and empty room impression to relax your mind with its calm color after your hectic day of working. Besides, white also can bring out more expensive and luxurious impression for your furniture so that it has a higher value.

Something that you may not realize where bathroom is a place that can influence your mood. Bathroom that has a clean, neat, and pretty look has an ability to make you more relax and happy by its serene atmosphere when spending time there.

Some of house owners use their backyard for green garden which is productive enough for plans like herbs, flowers, vegetables, or fruits. On the other hands, some others like to have a swimming pool in the backyard. The reason is simply to enjoy the spare time by doing the easiest sport in the nearest place.

To maximize your home yard, after having a green garden you have to try something new, which is placing the fireplace there. The fireplace is a very important thing for a country that has winter. With the fireplace, it will make the temperature in a place warmer.

The theme of each room can differ depending on what concept you want to be like. But, one of the rooms that are important and passed every time you will enter or leave the house is the living room. Besides that, the living room is a room that you use to receive guests. So, decorating the living room is a mandatory thing that you must do.

In choosing the right design, theme, and color scheme of the livingroom, you can discuss with your interior designer or browse some references from any webs. Fortunately, you can get some inspirations from this article since here you can get the information of livingroom decoration. As you never imagine that you can conjure your livingroom with coastal theme

The idea of decorating a living room is not merely by changing the color of the wall, changing the color of the curtains or changing the position of the sofa in that room. Look at some decor of the living room with the decorative floor lamps. An additional lamp in the living room can change the atmosphere of your living room.

Modern living room dominated by neutral color such as white, grey, black. Look at this several example of modern living room. Most of them have neutral color, and dominated by light grey. Neutral color means without color. Neutral such as white, grey, or shades of white appear to be without color. Using neutral color, sometimes you need more creativity to combine your living room decoration especially for your furniture needs.