It is fair to decorate your desk in a way that reflects your characters. You can also have some options to do so. Adding photos from your last holiday or latest photo with your family and friends to motivate your day. The, it is so important to give a calendar to help you keep track from your schedule. and deadlines.

Making something with your hands is always a satisfying feeling. That is why many people are so in love with DIY projects. The self satisfaction of successfully completing the DIY projects is really all that matters. But Psychology Today’s suggestion is that building things yourself makes you value them higher.

Front porch is the perfect place to entertain and even relaxing. To get the perfect front porch, consider to add a comfy seating. If you love greenery, add some of it and place it in a unique planters to catch everyone’s attention to welcome the guests. Or if you are a DIY person, try to build your own unique planter instead. 

One reason the house feels uncomfortable is a dark and lacks of light. If the room does not get a lot of natural light, don’t think a major renovation to lighten the room up. Just simply make the room brighter with simple tricks in decoration. You can also use brighter color scheme.

We all wants a beautiful backyard. But if hiring a landscape designer can be a bit pricey for you, there are variety ways to make your backyard beautiful. Just remember that the outdoor space is the best space for entertaining. So, consider to decorate your backyard space that makes you and your guest feel comfortable, relax and truly enjoy the time when you spent there. 

If you are looking something to amp up the ambiance or add depth to your decor, try to add a wall lights to your home space. Wall lights come in variety if styles and it serve many purposes. It can provide necessary illumination for safety, accent architectural features and artwork, add task lighting or even serve as decor all on their own. If you are looking to buy the perfect wall lights, here are some tips for you. 

Terrarium is a mini garden in the room with a glass container. Plants that are often used are ferns, moss, succulents, and cactus. For those of you who just want to try, choose plants that are easy to grow without need extra care. In addition, choosing the right plants will not take a lot of time.