Giving a rustic impression, it is strongly recommended to use wood floors. No need to tear down whole floor, just cover it up with wooden floors. Choose white color on the living room wall. You can also cover the wood floors using a medium-sized carpet with rustic motif or farmhouse theme.

Farmhouse style is warm, cozy, relaxing and full with charm and character and many people said that this style is surprisingly savvy. In order to keep a farmhouse from looking too ‘country kitsch’, there needs to be a balance of old and new. So it means that the space with farmhouse style should be clean, stylish and warmhearted. The most important one, it needs to be in tune with nature but there is no need to fill your space with a dries flowers or even a rooster paraphernalia.

Half bathroom is a 2-piece bathroom that has no shower or even bathtub (in contains only a sink and a toilet). There is no design council defining how big a half-bathroom should be, but mostly, it is around 50 square feet but usually far less. But even if it’s small, a half bathrooms are important because they are desirable to many home buyers. It is a blessing in disguise and because there are no bathing facilities to deal with, your job in cleaning is cut in half.

Open living room that shares space, like dining room and kitchen, can provide challenges for those who want to have a definition for each room. Let the flow around the furniture and accessories open. By doing that, you can present an efficient open layout for the living room. You can also do various activities with family in this living room.