9 Most Creative DIY Glitter Craft Project Ideas

Glitter is something that could be really interesting because of its stand out look. Moreover, it also has some different colors which really flexible for the use especially for the DIY glitter craft. For the application itself, it could be applied into any stuff from the accessories, DIY ornament, or something more functional like bag.

21 Creative DIY Mason Jar Ideas with Glitter Decoration

Glitter and mason jar are two things that really common for the DIY craft projects. Not only common, those things also flexible as it can be used to make several crafts. It covers from the stand out DIY glitter ornament to the functional stuff like lighting or vase.

50 Awesome DIY Crafts that You can Do by Using Glitter

It is no doubt that glitter is something pretty and stand out to be utilized for your craft project. The other interesting thing about glitter is that it exists in several different color and texture. You can have it in small pieces or even the bigger one.

30 Functional DIY Drawer Divider Ideas

The wardrobe does not only contain stacks of clothes or coat hangers on the other side. Now, the wardrobe has drawers that we can use as a place to store things. Both the wardrobe is open or closed now also has many drawers in it.

31 Adorable DIY Crafts for Your Home Decoration

Making gifts for home decoration has many advantages! Besides being able to stimulate your creativity, making your own home decorations can also amaze your neighbours or friends. For example, you can make crafts in the form of photo frames and attach them to the wall.

24 Pretty Yet Easy DIY Cake Decoration Ideas

To decorate your own cake is such a worthy because it can satisfy you with your own dream cake design. Moreover, it is really possible for you to make the DIY project of it since it is not too difficult if you really wish to have it where you can adjust your capability with the design.