21 Easiest DIY Napkins to Adorn Your Dining Table

It is important to dress your dinner table in style. And cool napkin is the thing that you should have to impress everyone before eating. You can sew a DIY mitered corner napkin in coordinating prints or even fold it is a great way to give each guest their own unique experience. By sewing your own cloth napkins or fold it with unique fold, it is an inexpensive way to set the table.

32 Simple and Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flower Garland

A fresh flower garland is amazing statement pieces for any special occasion and it is not so tricky to make. Fresh flower garland is also impressive and beautiful and instantly transform a space. To make it for your own, you only need foliage, flowers, a branch, secateurs and twine. The best one of garland is just by make the foliage garland and roll it up into a circle.

34 Adorable Conservatory Inspirations to Inspire You

Let’s create an inviting living space in your conservatory with some of these clever conservatory furniture, paint and accessories. You can try by using colors from the same palette for a look that reflects nature in its true form, or dare to choose bold, brazen color. Maximize your conservatory feel with a fresh foliage and fauna and don’t forget to bring fun by creating the perfect retreat with relaxed seating. For example, a stylish swing seat that is perfect for reading spit complete with natural-style look with meadow-inspired cushions and throws.

21 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space with Shells

Everyone loves the beach and we want to have a part of the beach in our home. Nowadays, many shell decoration that is easy to make but still can give you a big statement to your space. This kind of decoration is always reminiscent of the good summer days at the beach. And if you are the big fan of summer decoration, find inspiration from these examples and have fun.

38 Inspiring DIY Backyard Pergola Ideas to Enhance the Outdoor

To make pergola, make sure that you have the space for pergola.  Do not make your pergola taking up most of your backyard if it’s not very large. So pick the right size and type of pergola. And also pick the best spot in your space that would look great with pergola and provide enough room outside of it.

35 Beautiful Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Courtyard garden can be a beautiful space in which to relax and grow plants even if small. Courtyard garden is often shady and overlooked by neighboring buildings. Courtyard garden is also be warm and sheltered and allow you to grow a wide range of interesting and tenderer plants. Discover what aspect that your courtyard needs to have by reading this article.

36 Distinctive Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

The most effective of kitchen lighting is by involves four layers that blend together; task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. This lighting is to get a warm and inviting environment that will work with other design elements to create a practical workspace and lively entertainment. The most common mistake of the kitchen lighting is trying to light the entire kitchen with one fixture centered in the ceiling. This kind of action will only overpowering everything in the space, including family and friends.

31 Modern Wall Calendars to Get You Organized for 2018

Wall calendars are also represent the cheapest and easiest way to decorate your wall with a different beautiful image every month just by turning the page. The process of selecting the best wall calendar is can be a bit nuanced to incorporate not just aesthetics but also will make you feel good and make the right impression on others. The image of the calendar consists of many different images; famous painting, animal painting, or you can also pick your own image that you want (custom). For example, a vixtaprint will create a custom wall or desk calendar for you.

30 Best Glass Ceiling Design Ideas to Enjoy the Night Sky

Glass ceiling designs are exciting contemporary interior design trends that bring fantastic, beautiful and decorative elements into your modern house. It is usually used in a nightclubs, concert hall, art museum and towers, but nowadays, it becomes more popular for residential designs, incorporating attractive materials and eco-friendly products. Glass ceiling is bring the nature inside and allowing you to enjoy beautiful views. It is also create a sense of lightness and connection with the surroundings and other home interiors.

37 Gorgeous Narrow Kitchen with Stunning Details

Many of you have small kitchens. But do not worry because nowadays, there is a lot of helpful information to deal with small kitchen. All you need to do is just keep your kitchen counters, drawers and cupboard clutter-free. You can try to store your saucer in a cup, in a tidy stack of no more than 3 or 4.