Living in an apartment where you might have a limitation on the space, you should be able to be creative. In this case, you can do the hack where you can adjust the function of the things based on your needs. Also, the hack will let you get the cheaper apartment decoration since you make it yourself which is adjusted with your apartment space, condition, and budget. So, even when you live in such a small apartment, you can still live there comfortably and without any limitation. Here we have 10 ideas to do the decoration hack for your proper apartment.

String Light Photo Display

Instead of using string lights as a lighting idea in your apartment decor, you can use them for other things. Using it as a wall decor idea is one of the hack ideas that will never fail to try. In the field on the wall horizontally will make it look like a garland and look beautiful. Then use paper clips to hang your photo collection on a string light that has been hung so that it will look beautiful. In addition to being a wall decoration that makes your apartment more festive, it will also provide very beautiful and calming lighting.

String Light Photo Display from Tatertotsandjello.

Crate TV Stand

If you’re looking for apartment decorating hacks, using wooden crates is the solution. Instead of using wooden crates for fruit storage ideas, you can change the function as needed. Making a wooden crate TV stand for example. Use four wooden crates to make a TV stand by arranging them neatly. Displaying it right in front of the wall will make your TV safer and not easy to roll over. Apart from being a TV stand, you can also use it as a storage rack so that it will make your apartment decoration hack look perfect.

Wooden Crate TV Stand from Diyjoy.

Ladder Bedside Table

Are you looking for hack ideas to complete your apartment decor? Ladder hack is the solution. Instead of the idea of displaying flowers, you can use ladders for other things. For example, you can use an old wooden ladder to make a side table in your bedroom. This old wooden ladder is perfect for those of you who want to decorate your apartment with a farmhouse touch. In addition to working as a side table, you can also use the bottom as an idea for storing books and other items so that it will make it more multifunctional.

Ladder Bedside Table from Topinspired.

Tapestry Headboard

One apartment decorating hack idea you can try is to use tapestry. Instead of filling the walls, you can use tapestry for other things. For example, you can use tapestry to make a DIY headboard so that it will look different than usual. Mount the curtain rod on the wall and then hang your tapestry there so it will become a headboard in a fairly easy way. Having an orange color and a fairly complex pattern, this tapestry is suitable for those of you who like decorations in a bohemian style.

Tapestry Headboard from Apartmenttherapy.

Toothbrush Storage

This minimalist toothbrush holder made of PVC presents a simple and unique look. Having a size that is not too big and not too small will make it very suitable for your apartment decorating ideas. You can make some PVC toothbrush organizers and stick them on the inside of cabinet doors. Besides being more practical, the PVC toothbrush organizer on the inside of the cupboard is more hygienic and free from germs because the place is closed.

Toothbrush Storage from Homedit.

Cables Organization

Keeping your cables organized doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. There are many very simple solutions that you can apply to your apartment decor. For example, you can use this paper clip hack to complete your apartment organizer. This may sound funny at first but this paper clip will never fail for you to try. Just clip the colorful paper clip to the end of the table, then you can hang the cable there so it will look neater and more organized.

Cables Organization from Homehacks.

Cardboard Drawer Dividers

Your small closet drawer may not have the storage space to store all items separately. Adding a DIY drawer arrangement is a creative idea that you can try right now and it will never fail. Using a calculator for hacking ideas in small drawers is an easy and inexpensive idea. You can make several partitions using the cardboard in your small closet drawer. Then you can use them for storage ideas for socks and other personal items. This cardboard hack not only offers extra ideas, but also lets you avoid taking up too much space.

Cardboard Drawer Dividers from Stylemotivation.

Jar Pencil Holder

This jar hack is one of the brightest ideas that you can apply to your apartment decoration. You can use the jar as a DIY pencil holder to make your pencils look neat and organized. Painting the entire surface of the jar with orange paint will present a more beautiful appearance and not look plain. You can also layer it with patterned paper so it will look more beautiful and attractive. Placing it on the table looks simple but will never violate its function as a pencil holder.

Jar Pencil Holder from Modpodgerocksblog.

Painted Flower Vases

Add some hack ideas to complete your apartment decoration to make it look more perfect. Hack glass bottle is one of the creative ideas and will never fail to try. Paint the entire surface of the bottle with a different color to make it look better and look brighter. After drying, you can put fresh flowers into the vase glass bottle. Placing it on the table, will bring a beautiful look in the living room and will be the perfect focal point in your home.

Painted Flower Vases from Treehugger.

Hair Styling Tools Organizing

For a really cheap and easy apartment hack idea, this magazine holder hack is the perfect idea. You can use it for the idea of storing all your hair tools to make it look neater and more organized. Covering it with patterned paper will make your hair utensil storage area look more attractive. Placing it on the table may not be suitable for your apartment hack idea. Hang the magazine holder on the inside of your bathroom closet door and make sure it’s sturdy. Then you can start placing the tools in there to make it safer and tidier.

Hair Styling Tools Organizing from Apartmenttherapy.

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