Christmas Day will be so much holy with angels in your room. Creating angel ornaments is not a big thing to do. Concern to think over the wings, a noggin, and a body. Furthermore, angel ornaments are easy to make with any material. It can be from papers, pine cones, seashells, and more. In this section, we are going to give angle ornaments that anyone can make in less than an hour. Check out!

DIY Wooden Peg Angel Ornament

Diy wooden peg angel ornament

A white angel is flying on the Christmas tree. He will bring happiness to all family members along the Christmas tree. Just find out a wooden pig and cover it with a white fabric. Add the wings plus a wooden star to complete its look.

DIY Wine Cork Angle Ornaments

Diy wine cork angle ornaments

Wine corks are simple materials that easy to use for creating any DIYs. In this picture, we are given cute angels that made of wine corks. The creator adds a golden ribbon as the wings. Customize the hair with anything. Then, hang them on a Christmas tree for a holy feel.

Angel Ornaments From Seashells

Angel ornaments from seashells

The angels are made of seashells that will sparkle in the dark. The creator adds sea glass as well to beautify their look. Attach each body part to a cardstock by using a hot glue gun. Then, make a hole at the top of it. Hang these ornaments on a Christmas tree or anywhere you wish.

DIY Yarn Angel Ornaments

Diy yarn angel ornaments

This project is super easy and almost anyone able to make it in less than an hour. Collect three popsicle sticks. Make them in an angle’s body with wings, head, and foot. Cover with white yarn to get the wings and body. Feel free to complete it with eyes, hair, and smile.

DIY Pine Cone Angel Ornament

Diy pinecone angel ornament

This DIY pine cone angel ornament looks nice to complete any home decoration. Christmas Day with angle is all we need. Add a white ball as the angel’s head with a golden crown. Make the wings from a wire and black paper.

DIY Twine Angel Ornaments

Diy twine angel ornaments

Take twine, ribbon, and wire in your storage. This super easy DIY will complete your Christmas decor instantly. The one who likes rustic styles will adore this angel ornament as well. Hang it in a Christmas tree or other spaces you want.

DIY Paper Plate Angel

Diy paper plate angel

If you still have paper plates in your storage, use them to make this angel. The creator paints the plate’s surface in blue. Add a circular paper as the head and complete it with eyes, mouth, and nose.

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