Christmas Day will be so much holy with angels in your room. Creating angel ornaments is not a big thing to do. Concern to think over the wings, a noggin, and a body. Furthermore, angel ornaments are easy to make with any material. It can be from papers, pine cones, seashells, and more. In this section, we are going to give angle ornaments that anyone can make in less than an hour. Check out!

DIY Wooden Peg Angel Ornament

This angel ornament is made using wooden pegs and has a small size so it is suitable for Christmas tree decorations. Equipped with wings made using yarn, this angel will look beautiful. White Wooden Peg Angel from @nickynash_illustrations.

This wooden peg is assembled into a beautiful angel ornament. Equipped with wings made using paper, making this angel ornament look perfect. Twin Wooden Peg Angel from @behindthetimesonline.

DIY Wine Cork Angle Ornaments

In this image, we are given a cute angel made of wine corks. The creator added a bow as a wing. Customize hair with anything. Then, hang them on the Christmas tree for a feeling of sanctity. Beautiful Wine Cork Angel from @tracyrinaldi.

Made using wine cork, this angle looks perfect at an affordable cost. Equipped with wings on the back will make it look very stunning.  Hanging Wine Cork Angel from @classycheapcrafts.

This angle was made using wine cork and painted using a combination of white and gold so it looks very beautiful. The wings on the back made using tulle will make it even more stunning. White and Gold Wine Cork Angel from @adslovecrafts.

Angel Ornaments From Seashells

Creative and inspiring. This angel ornament made using seashell looks very creative. Equipped with a rope at the top, it will make it easier for you to hang it on the Christmas tree. Seashell Angel from @beastropicalshells.

Angels made of seashells that will glow in the dark. The creators added sea glass as well to enhance their look. Don’t forget to add a string at the top to make it easier to display. Seashell Angel with Rope from @hallies.seashell.happies.

DIY Yarn Angel Ornaments

This yarn angel was made with a DIY project so it looks very creative and inspiring. Equipped with a wooden frame and hung on a Christmas tree, it will present its own charm and succeed in stealing attention. White Yarn Angel from @stringznthingzdesign.

This project is very easy and almost anyone can do it in under an hour. Prepare red yarn and assemble it into an angel ornament. Add wings and hair to make it look perfect. Red Yarn Angel from @idj_studio.

DIY Pine Cone Angel Ornament

This DIY pine cone angel ornament looks great to complement any home decor. Christmas Day with a corner is all we need. Add a white ball as an angel’s head with a golden crown. Make wings from feathers. Pine Cone and Feather Angel from @bleistiftliebe.

This beautiful angel ornament made using pine cones presents an aesthetic appearance. Wings made using a bow will make it even more beautiful. Hanging on the Christmas tree and exposed to the lights will make it successful in stealing the show. Pine Cone and Bow Angel from @sfoleyeventpainter.

DIY Twine Angel Ornaments

Use twine, white yarn and wooden pegs to make the following angel ornament. The crown on the head will make this angel ornament look even more beautiful. People who like country style will love this angel ornament too. Jute Twine Angel from @le.chambre2.

Unique and very interesting. This angel ornament made using twine manages to present a rustic and unique look at the same time. It’s very easy to make, you only need to tie a few parts of the twine wrap and the angel ornament is ready to be displayed. Unique Twine Angel from @artaronia.

DIY Paper Plate Angel

This winter craft in the form of an Angel was made with a DIY project using paper plates. It has a white theme and is decorated with gold glitter, making this angel ornament look stunning. White Paper Plate Angel from @preschool.patti.

If you still have paper plates in your storage, use them to make this angel. The creator painted the surface of the plate in several colors. Add paper and a crown for the head and complete it with eyes, mouth and nose. Colorful Paper Plate Angel from @kortneysharesart.

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