Let us create many fun projects with our kids to welcome Holiday. On this occasion, we give you a cool idea to make Christmas trees. This project will never make you busy because it is easy to make a Christmas tree in your house. As long as you have the materials, the Christmas tree will be finished in less than an hour. However, it will be much more fun to ask your kids to make the Christmas tree with you.

Cool DIY Stained Glass Christmas Tree

Amazingly, it isn’t made of glass at all but transparent laminating paper. The way to make this Christmas tree is easy to do. First, make squares with tissue paper. Then, trap them to give a stained glass effect. Cut the laminating tissue papers into a Christmas tree looks like,

Pom-Pom Painting Christmas Tree

This is a super easy project that anyone will finish in less than a day. First, cut a paper in a Christmas tree shape. Then, add pom-pom from paint. Let the pom-poms dry. Then, hang this ornament on your wall. So, your kid can see it anytime.

Yummy Christmas Tree

Yummy christmas tree

Well, it’s time for you to ask your kid to eat a Christmas tree. Sure. This yummy Christmas tree will make him happy all day long. You can ask him to help you to make this awesome tree. Adding sprinkles or candy ornaments will be nice too.

Paper Christmas Tree

If you have free time, why don’t you make a certain craft with your kids? This project is one of the recommended Christmas DIYs that you and your kids will love. See how the colors interest our attention. Enjoy the craft time by making this paper Christmas tree.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree DIY

Just find out green paper plates to make DIY Christmas trees. Look at this picture that shows you cute Christmas tree with pom-pom. You will never failed to create the same tree as long as you do it carefully. Prepare the papers, pom-poms, and glue.

Marbled Christmas Tree

What a cool project is this! The kids will love to make these marbled Christmas trees during their free hours. Just take a paper, apply the marbled patterns with paints. Then, cut those papers into a forest of triangular pines.

Christmas Tree From Toilet Rolled Paper

Don’t throw away your unused toilet rolled papers. Those unexpected things can be used as the materials of making Christmas trees. Paint them in green and add some polka dots.

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