When it comes to flooring, hardwood flooring is considered one of the preferred and unique flooring options.

Hardwood flooring gives off a seamless, unique, and timeless finish that gives the client a revolutionary modern look. Hardwood flooring offers a vast array to identify from. For instance, there are several types available in the market, giving the client a variety of options to choose from.

What comprises hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring has the appearance of wood which gives it an authentic and natural feel or look. This type of flooring is common in homes, as it gives off a natural aesthetic making the home cozy and warm.

The materials used for hardwood flooring are harvested from trees carefully chosen to give off the perfect final product. The hardwood is finely and immaculately grafted and shaped, curating flooring that is used in a home’s interior. This type of flooring not only makes it to the top of preferred flooring materials but is also considered timeless and unique given its natural aesthetic and feel.

Various types of hardwood flooring offer different results. All types of this flooring can however go with any type of furniture style, whether modern, vintage, or traditional. The versatility of hardwood flooring makes it ideal to use in a wide range of interior design styles.

What to consider when choosing hardwood flooring

Several crucial factors determine which type of hardwood flooring to consider. Interior designs are crucial especially when it comes to flooring. The type of flooring you will consider hugely affects the overall design and comfortability of the room.

For instance, solid hardwood flooring does not work well with basements and place prone to high humidity. Solid hardwood flooring maintains moisture and is vulnerable to heat. The floor tends to expand from the heat, therefore, needing space to allow for expansion.

The different trees have different hardness capabilities. Hardwoods like cherry have a high hardness, therefore, having a high tolerance to dents and scratches.

Considering photosensitivity is important when choosing hardwood flooring. It is best to ensure that the right type of hardwood is placed in areas where there is a lot of sunlight. For instance, cherry wood is one of the best photosensitive woods and thus the one best suited for the balcony areas or living room where there is usually much sunlight.

Types of hardwood flooring

Some of the best hardwood floors are made from solid wood that is prevalent but strong and durable. There are several hardwood types available which range from different colors, species of trees, and styles.

There are various types of hardwood species that all make for good hardwood flooring choices. For instance, mahogany, oak, walnut are all great choices to consider. You can also consider cherry and maple flooring for a bit more character.

There are different types of hardwood flooring:

  • Solid hardwood flooring

This type of hardwood flooring is made out of solid planks of hardwood. This makes this type of hardwood floor costly and long-lasting. When considering this floor, you should have done considerable research to determine whether this is the right choice for you. It is best to consider your budget before settling for solid hardwood flooring. It is also not recommended for basements or areas with a lot of moisture as it is prone to humidity. However, solid hardwood flooring can be refinished and sanded to make it last longer.

  • Engineered hardwood flooring

This type of hardwood flooring comprises solid hardwood enclosed by several layers of wood. The layers of wood can be materials like plywood, which gives it a smoother and more stable finish. Engineered hardwood is an excellent choice for any floor in a home as it does not retain moisture or humidity. This flooring type however can only be sanded or refinished twice in its lifetime, depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer.

Hardwood flooring according to usage

Given the above hardwood flooring types, it is best to understand the various types of hardwood flooring that should be placed in strategic positions in the home. For instance, bamboo or oak are suitable for high movement areas in the home like the living room and the entryway.

Walnut and parquet flooring are much more sensitive and require frequent upkeep but add a grainy texture to the home. Walnut should however be used in areas with no high traffic as it is more susceptible to dents and bruises.

Pine’s subtle white and yellow hues are popular for common areas as they add sophistication and glamour. For harder and stronger flooring options, maple is stronger than oak and suitable for use in high under feet areas.

Other exotic wood species such as teak and mesquite are much more expensive and for use in exotic spaces. However, there is a growing need for consumers to want less subtle stains on their wood preference as it offers a wide range of colors and species to choose from.

Benefits of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring aim in increasing the resale value of your home, as replacing your outdated tiles with this type of flooring completely revamps the entire space making it modern and chic. You can refinish the floor to give it a brighter and more complex look. With good maintenance, this type of flooring can you service for your money, lasting up to a century.

Hardwood flooring helps protect the home from constant dust and allergens that are present in the environment. The natural outlook of the flooring has tremendous resistance to dust thus restricting particles that are harmful to human health. You also do not have to worry about fur or fleas from your pets, as they will be absorbed by the floor.

Hardwood flooring in bedrooms

The bedroom is a common area to place hardwood flooring as it offers maximum benefits. As this type of flooring is durable and long-lasting, there are minimal repairs to be made thus making this flooring last considerably longer. This enables you to save up on cash, therefore, making this a worthwhile investment.

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