Winter projects aren’t just about Christmas ornaments. When the Holiday past, we need to upgrade our house and omit all the things that related to Christmas celebration. Think over more about winter projects that will work well for all winter long. You may deal with home improvements or DIYs. In this article, we have gathered useful ideas to upgrade our house after Christmas Day. Check them out further below!


DIY Winter Tulip Arrangement

It will be awesome to have these Tulips for centerpieces or windowsill. Repurpose jars into vases by frosting the glass. Feel free to add ribbons or glitters to spruce them up. Then, put on Tulips on them along with berries and greens.

Add Winter Planters

Add winter planters

Gardening in winter is not a mistake. We can plant various winter pants to add a fresh and natural home decoration. Choose any plants that are durable and can live all season like succulents, greens, and others.

Give More Light

Make your room brighter get a warmer feeling. Hang mirrors on the wall to reflect sunlight is a great thing to do. Those mirrors will also do the same thing for your bulb at night. With this simple step, your room appears larger and warmer.

Play With Lightbulbs

Change the lightbulbs will give you a great impact. Choose the lighting color that will add warmth to your home just like yellow or orange. Avoid applying blue and or white because they are not suitable for winter lighting. This simple thing is not hard to do and gives a better atmosphere.

Aromatherapy For Winter

Aromatherapy will improve your home decor instantly. Feel free to chose any smells that you like. But, it will be better for you to apply for different aromatherapy between winter and spring. Just like jasmine and clary sage that is good for anxiety and stress.

Let’s Wrap With Wool

Cover your vases, jars, and candle holder with wool to attain a warmer feel. It seems like seeing someone with a jacket or sweater. This improvement will never out of date and easy to redecorate any time you want. Choose any wool color that will work well for your decor but white looks better.

Force Fresh Blossom

Force fresh blossom

Take amaryllis to spruce up your home is a nice idea. This flower will bloom in winter as well. Or, you may choose tulips as well. Adding fresh blooms will add a bright shot of color.

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