Winter projects aren’t just about Christmas ornaments. When the Holiday past, we need to upgrade our house and omit all the things that related to Christmas celebration. Think over more about winter projects that will work well for all winter long. You may deal with home improvements or DIYs. In this article, we have gathered useful ideas to upgrade our house after Christmas Day. Check them out further below!


DIY Winter Tulip Arrangement

Don’t let the tulip flower pots that you use look plain, black ribbon is an additional decoration that you can apply. Here you can use one color of tulips which can be combined with green plants and fresh moss. Additional Black Ribbon Accents from @showpiece_events
It feels like a series of tulips will look boring. In this one DIY vase you can add a series of fresh evergreens and one other type of flower that has a neutral color, roses that bloom beautifully are the right idea that you can arrange together. Tulips, Roses and Greenery Combination from @hiddengardenflowers
This arrangement of tulips applied to a vase with a vintage look gives a simpler final look. Just place this flower vase on a tray along with a birdhouse ornament that can be moved to be used as a centerpiece or coffee table decoration. Vintage Look Vase Arrangement Tulips from @mymaltbyhome
Reuse your old jars to make vases of tulip bouquets with a splash of bright pink. Before use, you can fill this jar vase first using water as an indoor planting medium which makes these flowers not easily wither throughout the day, you can try it now. Glass Jar Pink Tulips Arrangement from @happyjourneys2016

Add Winter Planters

Adjust the planter that is used with the ongoing season. For now, you can use a planter made of clay and have been coated with white paint to make it more elegant. A plant stand made of wooden dowel is a combination that will never fail. White Paint Clay Planter from @hydrangeabloomia

Take a look at the appearance of this hanging basket planter, who would have thought that the material used was dry moss? Yes, then you can plant it with snowy evergreens which are perfected with red berries so that they have a pretty bold color contrast. Winter Hanging Basket Planter from @detroitgarden

This container garden with a vintage look can be turned into a winter planter without repainting. Here you can use it as a vase made of greenery combined with pinecones and red berries which looks fresh with its bold red color. Vintage Look Evergreen Planter from @henandchickgardens

Give More Light

Make your room brighter get a warmer feeling. Hang mirrors on the wall to reflect sunlight is a great thing to do. Those mirrors will also do the same thing for your bulb at night. With this simple step, your room appears larger and warmer. Mirror Wall Decoration from @summayabarry
Some of the walls that have been converted into glass windows will make your home decor brighter and more open. Here you can enhance the glass windows with wooden frames that have been repainted in dark black to make them more elegant. Glass Window with Wooden Framed from @rbafla

The transparent glass material that is applied to the use of skylights in your kitchen decoration provides additional natural lighting. In this way, you don’t need lighting anymore during the day, won’t you save more electricity in your home? Transparant Glass Skylight Kitchen from @resi_uk

Play With Lightbulbs

You can use this lamp stand made of clay as a table lamp stand for a more creative look. Furthermore, a lightblub with an orange lighting option is a smart idea that you can try because it can make a room feel more relaxed and warm. Lightbulb Lighting with Faux Bone Stand from @bulb_world
Look at the design of this lightbulb with orange lighting, doesn’t it have quite a varied shape? Yes, you can try applying it on a table or on a wall area, the use of a cooper stand on this lamp brings an industrial touch. Industrial Style Lightbulb from @pagazzilighting
Change the lightbulbs will give you a great impact. Choose the lighting color that will add warmth to your home just like yellow or orange. Avoid applying blue and or white because they are not suitable for winter lighting. This simple thing is not hard to do and gives a better atmosphere. Yellow Lighting from @light_is_passion
What you can try now to decorate your living room is to use proper lighting according to your needs. When you need a calming feel, just choose a table lamp with dim lighting and perfect it with a spindle lamp post high enough so that it can illuminate the area around it. Warm Table Lamp with Spindle Stand from @design_at_nineteen
The lighting that is produced from the table lamp that you are using has an orange finish which is able to make the area around it feel warmer. Try placing it right on top of an unpainted wooden dresser so it looks more vintage. Orange Table Lamp on the Dresser from @design_at_nineteen

Aromatherapy For Winter

Choose and use room aromatherapy with whatever look and shape you like. But for now you can choose aromatherapy with an egg shape and made of white glass so that it looks more modern and minimalist. Egg Shaped Aromatherapy from
This aromatherapy candle, which comes in a variety of different sizes, can be placed on a tray so that it can be moved to any room where it is needed. By using this tray you can carry it freely, the main function you can get is to make your rest more relaxed. Portable Aromatherapy Candle on a Tray from @gardeninggitz

Aromatherapy will improve your home decor instantly. Feel free to chose any smells that you like. But, it will be better for you to apply for different aromatherapy between winter and spring. Just like jasmine and clary sage that is good for anxiety and stress. Aromatherapy with DIY Planter from @pranarom_fr

Let’s Wrap With Wool

This woolen fabric in two different color blocks will cover a DIY flower vase in a simple way. You can attach the black and white woolen material to the outer surface of the vase using some pretty sturdy glue, just place it on the table as a centerpiece decoration. Block Color Wool Cover from @rachletous
Old woolen stockings that are no longer in use can be reused as a home DIY vase project that you can do yourself easily and practically. Now you can use it for the outer layer of this flower vase so that the appearance looks warmer and matches the touch of winter. Stocking Wool Material from @onehomelyhouse
Take a look at these three types of wool fabrics that have different colors and textures, don’t they look more attractive when used to cover the parts of your flower vase? Do this cover vase design yourself to save on spending budget. Snowy evergreen is a type of indoor plant that is suitable for this after winter. Three Types of Wool with Different Colors and Textures from @vintage_beginnings

Cover your vases, jars, and candle holder with wool to attain a warmer feel. It seems like seeing someone with a jacket or sweater. This improvement will never out of date and easy to redecorate any time you want. Choose any wool color that will work well for your decor but white looks better. Wool Covered Flower Vase from @createyourdreamhome

Force Fresh Blossom

The first flower bouquet you can try is to choose and use gladiolus flowers. This flower comes in a variety of different colors, ranging from yellow, pink and white. All of these colors are combined together in the same vase. Colorful Gladiolus Bouquet from @jessica_sclz
The series of cherry blossoms applied to a tall vase looks bold in the surrounding area which is dominated by neutral shades. These cherry blossoms are dominated by the color pink so that they seem more feminine and liven up the atmosphere of the room instantly, you can try to arrange these flowers easily. Arrangement Cherry Blossom from @mayadaelsherbiny

Take orchids to spruce up your home is a nice idea. This flower will bloom in winter as well. Or, you may choose tulips as well. Adding fresh blooms will add a bright shot of color. Orchids Flower Vase from @orchidsinfo

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