Do the magic thing in your decoration by creating DIY pieces to complete your winter. There will be faux snows, burlaps, pinecones, and other winter ornaments to use. Furthermore, we don’t have to spend much money because the material might be already in your storage. These DIY decoration ideas below are reusable in all seasons as well. Check out!

Beautiful Winter Pinecone Display

The pine cone that is displayed using a wicker basket looks simple but still attractive. Then you can add string lights in there so it will present a beautiful and very festive look. Also add natural wood so it will look aesthetic. Basket Pine Cone Display from @homelovingwithjo.

Interesting right ? This pine cone is put in a mini terracotta pot so it will look beautiful and attractive. Placing it on the table will make it successful in capturing the attention of everyone who sees it. Terracotta Pine Cone Display from @fabulousplaces.

A simple way to display pine cones is an interesting idea. You can display it on top of the pinecone so it will look more attractive. Also add dried leaves and branches so that it will make it look more festive and aesthetic. Pine Cone Display on The Dresser from @thegoodlife20s.

Glittery Glass Votive

Take a look at the picture above. This Votive is made using glass so that it is more attractive in a simple way. The creator added gold glitter so that it will make it look more beautiful and attractive. This votive is suitable for winter. Gold Glittery Votive from @black_kat_kreations_.

This mini votive was made with a DIY project using glass so it looks creative. The creator added glitter on top of the votive so it will make it look prettier. Placing it on the table makes it successful in providing the perfect lighting. Mini Glittery Glass Votive from @my_thrifty_house.

DIY Cool Winter Trees

This tree is made using white fabric so it looks beautiful and perfect in winter. Made by sewing will make it durable. Displaying it on the table will make it successful in stealing the show. Fabric Winter Tree from @hiphiphoorayhome.

This winter tree is made using wooden material so it will present a perfect natural look. Painting it white will make it look prettier and perfect for a winter theme. Wooden Tree from @itllbeallwhite.

This bottle brush tree looks beautiful and interesting for winter decoration. The creator added a sprinkling of white powder to give it a snowy look so it’s perfect in winter. This Winter tree idea is simple but still perfect. Bottle Brush Tree from @christmas.addictt.

DIY Winter Diorama

Interesting right ? The winter diorama displayed in this box looks so beautiful. The creator used Catton as snow so it will make it look very extraordinary and manage to steal the show. Winter Diorama from @einfachnur_anni.

This is awesome! Take a look at the Jar glass showing how beautiful winter can be with trees and snow. Meanwhile, the color combination that is presented looks so beautiful. People who like romantic style will love this DIY. Glass Jar Diorama from @bugandbrookie.

Winter Snowflake Coasters

Creative and inspiring. This coaster is made using snowflake patterned fabric so it’s perfect in winter. Made by sewing it will make it more durable and succeed in inspiring everyone who comes to see it. Fabric Costar from @aurora.rey.

Snowflake coaster ini di buat dengan proyek DIY menggunakan triplek sehingga akan terlihat simple dan menarik. Sang pencipta menambahkan pola tie dye pada snowflake coaster ini sehingga membuatnya terlihat lebih indah. Tie Dye Snowflake Coaster from

This coaster is made by crochet so it has quite high artistic value. Having a snowflake pattern and a combination of white and blue colors will make it look beautiful and attractive. Crochet Snowflake Coaster from

Rustic Snowflake Banner

Interesting right ? This garland is made using burlap so it will succeed in presenting the perfect rustic look. You can display it on the wall and it will make your winter decoration look more alive. Rustic Snowflake Banner from @sayitinburlap.

This snowflake garland looks perfect for a winter decoration idea in your home. Made using burlap material, it will succeed in presenting a perfect rustic look. Hang it on a wooden wall so it looks perfect. Burlap Snowflake Banner from @3blessingsburlap.

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