Zen-inspired interiors have already been considered by many. Apart from its earthy look, Zen-inspired interiors set positive and relaxing energy for homeowners. 

It is now even considered by offices to create a more optimistic working space for everyone. Yet, how do we create one without paying for an interior designer? 


Having a lot of things at home can have a very occupied atmosphere, which is something that we do not want as sometimes things can get pretty crowded. When creating a Zen-inspired interior, it must be considered to only have the essential things for your home. 

Have at least a piece or two of a table and chair. Declutter unnecessary things to also create more space for your homes. Once you are done with it, you will be able to have a more commodious space.


Zen-inspired interiors can feel modest because of their earthy feeling. When you want to have this kind of interior, it is also important to shift to colours that are close to nature. Go for brown, white, beige, or even green colours. In this way, you will be able to feel that it can greatly affect how your room looks and can also set a natural atmosphere. 


Of course, you must also add that extra life to your Zen-inspired interiors. Adding plants can definitely add positive energy to your homes. Plants also assist in the production of oxygen to your rooms making them more breathable and relaxing. Just do not forget to water them regularly; you don’t want a Zen-inspired room with a dead plant. 


Curtains can also be added to your Zen-inspired interiors. However, you must also consider getting the right one so you can make the most out of it. Aside from the curtain colour, you must also pick fabrics that are not too thick for your room. 

Zen-inspired interiors actually tend to be bright, but not entirely letting direct sunlight coming in. Thus, you must pick curtains that are not too thick in order to also let sunlight come in. You can either choose from thin cotton or even consider buying linens for your Zen-inspired home.

Additionally, you must also consider the curtain size you will be putting. Choose curtains that are long enough so it can go from the top of your window to at least an inch above the ground. If you opt for a curtain that is not that long, you might fail with the aesthetics. 

Thus, shop for made to measure curtains and always make sure to buy from trusted shops so you’ll be able to purchase quality fabrics. One of the best shops that we can recommend is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They offer made to measure curtains and can also cater to clients online for more convenient fabric shopping.


Most of us would tend to consider having a Zen-inspired interior. Apart from its aesthetics, it also brings out a comfortable feeling and lets us feel nature in the convenience of our homes. Yet, you don’t need to hire an interior designer to achieve a Zen-inspired interior. Just remember to go minimalist, and choose colours that are close to nature for a more breathable look and thus creating a more positive atmosphere for your homes.

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