Wallpapering bathroom wall is not only a trend. It helps the room get aesthetic value. Moreover, it will not cost much. So, anybody can have it. You may apply it for the whole wall side or just a half o fit. Like these following ideas;

Girlish Space With Green And Pink Floral Print

girlish space with green and pink floral print

Get a fantastic space by applying this green and pink floral print wallpaper. With pink bathtub, this bathroom shows its girlish character. Furthermore, the bathroom looks more natural and fresh to boost your mood every morning.

Statement Wall With Colorful Butterfly

statement wall with colorful butterfly

The bathroom is designed in white to look larger. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add wallpaper to cheer it up. Here, the owner of this house tries to install colorful butterfly wallpaper at one of its side.

Black And White Floral Wallpaper

Retro look has shown perfectly by this bathroom. With black and white basic color, this room needs wallpaper touch to add aesthetic value. Then, a black and white wallpaper gives more statement but still in retro style.

Tropical Leaf Print Wallpaper

Tropical Leaf Print Wallpaper

This powder space is designed with black tile with tropical print wallpaper. The grey shade wallpaper creates tropical ambience that warm and fresh. Just make sure that you give plenty of lighting here to avoid too dark bathroom look.

Green Tropical Leaf Print Wallpaper

green tropical leaf print wallpaper

It is brilliant to combine blue and green color in one room. Here, green tropical leaf print wallpaper works well with blue wainscoting. Even, those colors give a touch of tropical and glamour feel to this bathroom.

Moody Realistic Floral Wallpaper

Moody Realistic Floral Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid of dark color for bathroom. This bathroom with black wainscoting and moody realistic floral wallpaper appear elegant. However, you must install bright lighting to keep this bathroom alive.

Dark And Moody Floral Print Wallpaper

dark and moody floral print wallpaper

The dark teal furniture works well with floral green print wallpaper to create a comfy bathroom look. Then, some exquisite details add a touch of chic appearance. Even, the chandelier hung well to complete this bathroom ambience.

Bold Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

Bold Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

Cover the whole walls with bold tropical leaf wallpaper will freshen up its look. Furthermore, apply more natural lighting to create a comfortable bathroom. This room reminds us about the beauty of natural life outside.

Bold Flora And Fauna Wallpaper

Bold Flora And Fauna Wallpaper

With bold flora and fauna wallpaper, you will feel like in a beautiful garden. The white tile and floor make the wallpaper takes major statement. This bathroom even looks bigger and brighter. Enjoy your time!


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