Bunny can be the cute one for your Easter decoration. Having it be the theme of the celebration is really worth it especially if you have kids. The extra cuteness and its possibility to be made into varied designs make it able for you to have your own craft of it. Your kids will never refuse to do the craft as it will be a really fun activity. Well, we all know that kids love bunnies. Even boys and girls, the bunny can be proper for them for sure. What you have to do is just matching the colors so that everything could be proper for each of them.

Basically, there are so many crafts that you can make in bunny theme and so many purposes also. From the ornament to something that has more functional value, you name it! We have all that you need here. When talking about the ornament, it might be common for you as you have your own imagination ideas of it. However, for something more valuable, you might need to think twice first. Well, the jar can be your choice. Shape and decorate the jar to have the bunny shape then use it to store some candies, snacks, or pencil holders. To make it as a planter is also possible. To give you complete references go down for the design pictures.

Paper Plate Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Sticks Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Egg Carton Bunnies from Thebestideasforkids

Cup Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Purple Paper Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Paper Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Small Paper Plates Bunny from Hative

Envelope Bunnies from Hative

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny from Hative

Wooden Bunnies from Hative

Socks Bunny from Hative

Foam Cup Bunny from Iheartcraftythings

Catton Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Bunny Jar from Thebestideasforkids

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bunny from Thebestideasforkids

Paper Bunny Garland from Hunnyimhomediy

Fabric Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Paper Bag Bunnies from Hunnyimhomediy

DIY Yellow Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Plate Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Tissue Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Hand Print Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Sticks Bunnies from Hunnyimhomediy

Old Can Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Cardboard Bunny from Hunnyimhomediy

Felt Bunnies from Funlovingfamilies

Burlap Bunnies from Funlovingfamilies

Wooden Bunny from Funlovingfamilies

Crochet Bunny from Funlovingfamilies

Knitted Bunnies from Funlovingfamilies

Origami Bunnies from Funlovingfamilies

Wooden Spoon Bunnies from Funlovingfamilies

Pine Cone Bunny from Coolcrafts

Colorful Bunnies from Coolcrafts

Faux Egg Bunnies from Coolcrafts

DIY Jar Bunnies from Coolcrafts

Pot Bunny from Coolcrafts

Mini Felt Bunny from Coolcrafts

Pom Pom Bunnies from Coolcrafts

White Paper Plate Bunny from Coolcrafts

Pink Roll Paper Toilet Bunny from Coolcrafts

DIY Paper Bunnies from Coolcrafts

Bunny Cup Craft from Onelittleproject

Bunny Paper Bag from Onelittleproject

Handprint Bunnies from Onelittleproject

Coffee Filter Easter Bunny from Onelittleproject

Clothespin Bunnies from Onelittleproject

Paper Roll Bunnies from Onelittleproject

Lolly Pop Bunnies from Onelittleproject

Easter Bunny Boxes from Onelittleproject

Easter Bunny Hat from Onelittleproject

Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies from Onelittleproject

Cardboard Tube Bunny Family from Thewaystocreate

Easter Bunny Gift Bags from Thewaystocreate

Paper Bunny Bauble from Thewaystocreate

DIY Bunny Party Hats from Thewaystocreate

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies from Thewaystocreate

DIY Easter Bunny Planters from Thistinybluehouse

Stick Bunnies from Thistinybluehouse

Newspaper Bunny from Thistinybluehouse

Wash Cloth Bunnies from Thistinybluehouse

Pom Pom Bunny from Thistinybluehouse

Origami Bunny from Thistinybluehouse

DIY Bunny Easter Eggs from Thistinybluehouse

Tissue Box Bunny from Craftymorning

Bunny Chair Covers from Diyncrafts

Button Bunny from Diyncrafts

Stuffed Bunnies from Diyncrafts

Moss Bunny Topiaries from Diyncrafts

Pink and White Bunny Banner from Diyncrafts

Easter Bunny Flower Pots from Diyncrafts

Crepe Paper Bunnies from Diyncrafts

Sleepy Bunny Goody Bags from Diyncrafts

Crocheted Easter Basket from Diyncrafts

Linen Bunnies from Diyncrafts

Bunny Napkins from Diyncrafts

Styrofoam Cup Bunny from Diyncrafts

DIY Towel Easter Bunny from Diyncrafts

Repurposed Planter Easter Bunny from Diyncrafts

Pom Pom Easter Bunny from Diyncrafts

Burlap Bunny from Chicpursuit

Bunny Pom Pom Garland from Chicpursuit

Bunny Chair Decor from Chicpursuit

Twig and Catton Bunny Wreath from Chicpursuit

Napkins Bunny from Chicpursuit

Wooden Bunny Hangers from Chicpursuit

DIY Bunny Wreath from Chicpursuit

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