Remote work projects have their benefits, but when it comes to housing the on-site staff, you may find yourself surrounded by challenges. It’s because there are so many things at play when choosing accommodations for your crew. First and foremost, it should be closer to the site. In case the project is long, these workers will want to accommodate their families and them. As an employer, you should ensure that your employees’ housing needs are met by providing affordable housing. 

In certain states like Texas, where the employment rate is high, workforce housing has become an important commodity. While selecting temporary and permanent workforce housing, you need to consider a few factors regarding your employees’ relocation. These factors include:

1. Location 

The location of the accommodations is paramount. It is unlikely that the crew can find livable accommodations at the worksite. Keeping them near work areas isn’t healthy either, especially if you run a construction or oil mining business. To ensure that nobody has to endure long commutes to and from the worksite, you should pick a location near the worksite. Long commutes can cause workers to lose motivation.

Moreover, you need a location that has access to local grocery stores and transportation. Thanks to the business rental business now speeding at an alarming rate, almost 90% of the construction sites in America have nearby motels, which are precisely built for housing the workforce until they find a more sustainable option. Even in communities like Big Lake, employers can set up an arrangement nearby as a temporary measure and accommodate employees at motels in Big Lake TX. The place is also closer to many construction sites. 

2. Flexibility 

The status of work in industries such as construction and energy can be rather volatile. Work and progress can be affected by a number of different factors, which can even lead to the termination of the project altogether. You must therefore find a workforce housing solution that is flexible. 

If you are uncertain about the project’s duration, signing a long-term lease with the landlord doesn’t make sense. Therefore, having an exit strategy for the housing solution should also be a top priority.

Search for companies that rent workforce housing and work around your needs in this regard. An alternative to a long-term lease would be to sign a short lease for a month or two, which is renewable. This way, you will be paying a dime or two extra, but it will give you the flexibility you need.

3. Simple point of contact 

Dealing with multiple contract managers at the same time is not efficient for your crew’s time or yours. Therefore, ensure that your traveling managers maintain only one contract with one property manager. The process will be efficient and ensure that every crew member has the same contract.

4. Furnishing 

Even though workforce housing is affordable and temporary, it should still be as comfortable as possible. After all, your crew’s productivity depends on the quality of rest they receive. Therefore, make sure when your crew wants to return to a comfortable bed after a long and hard day of work, they should not be disappointed.

The best workforce houses are those which are fully furnished. However, if the houses lack furnishing, it will be your responsibility as an employer to ensure that they have adequate furnishing and equipment for everyday living.

5. Utilities

Another key aspect of workforce housing is to ensure that adequate utilities are available. Keep in mind that everything you provide your employees with will only help in improving morale, employee satisfaction, and overall productivity. Therefore, your employees deserve to have all the utilities available to them by the company. 

Make sure that running water, gas, heat, and electricity are available in the workforce housing. Moreover, to improve morale, you can include modern utilities for their benefit such as cable and internet.

6. Amenities 

Your employees aren’t going to work seven days a week. They have weekends, holidays, and vacation days to relax and take advantage of. Ensuring the workplace housing offers your employees some key amenities, go the extra mile in searching for the perfect place for their needs.

Local amenities include a gym and laundry that may seem basic but are sure to boost morale and comfort, as no worker wants to haul laundry miles away. A gym nearby is a bonus for fitness enthusiasts who wish to stay fit and healthy. 

As an added morale boost, you can also include a social area and sports courts that will ultimately promote health and provide recreation.

7. Pet-friendly options

It is likely that some of your employees have pets they want to bring with them. Therefore, you should also ensure that workforce housing is pet-friendly. Employees who wish to bring their pets along will be able to do so without having to worry about leaving them behind. Alternatively, a pet-free area in a separate facility would provide everyone with peace of mind.

8. Housekeeping services 

If you have your employees working remotely, there is a high chance they are doing physically demanding work all day long. And when they come after their long shift, they won’t have time to clean the floor and dust the shelves. As a result, housekeeping services must be provided in the workforce housing compound so that residents can enjoy a clean residence when they return home. The crew benefits significantly from this amenity in terms of morale and wellbeing.


Once you’ve chosen the workforce housing that’s right for you and has all the amenities and features you’d like, check the reviews. Reviewers show what the customer service and resident services are like in that area. It will be clear from the testimonials if that choice is suitable for your crew or not. Therefore, make your choice accordingly because the choice you make will determine how well your crew performs. The more satisfied your employees are with their living conditions, the more motivated, healthy, and fresh they will be at work. 

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