It is really possible for you to make the DIY project for your super bowl decoration theme. You can even make it by using the paper which is really cheap. In this case, talking about the decoration things, there are some DIY super bowl ornament that will effectively bring out the impression that you need. The following explanations are 8 crafts that you can adopt for your DIY super bowl decoration theme.


To enliven the match celebration at home, you can make the garland made of paper. Moreover, to make it beautiful to see, you can make the garland to have the chain design. By using the green and brown paper, you can represent the colors of football. Try it!

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Food Label

Are you ready to watch the super bowl match? Make delicious cupcakes to watch the match together with your friends. Moreover, to make the cupcakes look interesting you can decorate it with printed team label. Again, it also useful to bring out the spirit of the football into your room. See more at DIY serving decoration.

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Ball Shape Craft

Making paper crafts to complement your home decor with super bowl theme is very fun. You can make a jersey, helmet, trophy, goalpost and the ball itself, of course. In this case, by making the ball-shaped craft will be very important to make your decoration more perfect.

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Beverage Ornament

You can make a unique decoration for your beverage by making small jersey. Here, using the felt will be the best choice since the paper won’t be durable for the beverage. Especially when the bottles are cold as it will make your DIY jersey wet. Moreover, add add the number for your jersey will make it even more perfect.

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Flag Ornament

Make triangular flag with patterns that align with the super bowl decoration theme to enliven your home. Moreover, by leaning the ball into the pot that used to put the flag will make it even more perfect. In this case, you can strengthen the football impression which is awesome.

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This ball vase with the real ball is really awesome. You can utilize your old unused ball to wrap the real vase by using the ball. It is really simple since you can find the vase that has the right size to insert into the ball. To match the ball vase color, it is better for you not to choose the bright flower color. Then, the calm color tone will be perfect for this vase.

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Look at this ball wreath! Without any doubt, it can represent the super bowl celebration well. For this one, you just need to compile the small ball accessories then arrange it to form the circle. Not to make it looks boring, you should add other additional ornament like ribbon to beautify the wreath. Moreover, you can add it with hanging bell to make the wreath looks even more stand out.

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Mason Jar

The different patterns and colors applied into those mason jars are really in varied. Moreover, it also can represent the football theme really well since each jar has its own characteristic with the pattern. In hence, you can utilize the jars to store the straw, spoons, fork, and more.

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