What do you usually do on weekend? Surely, there are many fun things you can enjoy, for instance having fun with friends or going to the beach. Still, if you just want to stay at home, you can do something to distract your boring time. For example, creating crafts that easy to make. So, you may need creative ideas this week.

1. Beach Cover

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The first craft idea you can make is a beach cover. This pattern is easy to follow and useful to wear when you go to the beach. The materials you need are fabric, scissor, thread and needle to sew it to become a beautiful beach cover.

2. Written Mug

Source : DIY to Make

If you have one or more plain mugs, you can paint them with beautiful colors or write it with inspirational words with a permanent marker. This is very simple and nice idea to do.

3. Painted Glass

Source : For the Maker

The next idea you can do is painting clear glasses with watercolors. Make some and they’ll become cute candle holders to place in the living room. For the detailed project click here.

4. Colorful Jars

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It’s still about coloring, but this time you can use some jars to be painted with some bright colors and drawing its eyes and nose by using a ruler and tint. You can place them on your desk as pencil holders. They are so cute huh!

5. Yarn Doormat


Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

For you girls who like to decorate you bedroom, one of things you can do is create a craft by using these yarns. The way is so easy. You just need to roll up the yarn using a short pipe or fork, then tie in the middle. Cut both of the tips, so you’ll have these cute balls. After that are enough, unite them by sewing to each other till they become a doormat. The colorful doormat is nice to be placed on the floor in your bedroom. Just try it, and you’ll love it!

6. Handmade Necklace

Source : DIY Project for Teens

Wearing accesory is nice to support your look and this idea may help you. If you have a boring chain necklace, you can make it becomes a fringe neklace or ombre necklace by using yarns.

7. Yarn Bookmark

Source : Pinterest

Are you a person who likes reading? If so, of course you will need some bookmarks. Bookmarks are usually cards, but in this case it can be made by using yarns. The way is similar to the previous idea of ​​the doormat. You just need to make one ball and a long tail that functions as the mark. Just try it, that your book collections will look more interesting.

8. T-Shirt Makeover

Source : Pinterest

The last idea is a t-shirt makeover. You can makeover your old t-shirt to become more fashionable. Cut on the collar and sleeves, then cut the lower tip to be tied.


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