In this article will be discussed how to reuse unused bottles into items that can be useful and reusable. Reusing unused bottles can be one of our ways to support the environmental movement. Here are 8 DIY ideas to recycle unused bottles.

  1. Decorate Flowers for Houses from Unused Bottles


By cutting the bottom of the bottle and then rearranging it using a string or yarn you can beautify the window in the house or living room.

  1. Small Bag for Coins from Unused Bottles


By combining two pieces of the back of the bottle and adding zippers, the unused bottles can be reprocessed into a value-added product.

  1. Sweep from Unused Bottles


To make a broom from this unused bottle, the necessary equipment is not complicated, just by using a unused bottle, cutlery and wooden handle, we ourselves can make it at home.

  1. Flower Pot from Unused Bottles


The most ideal place to grow medicinal plants is a place that is affordable by the sun. One of the media you can use is unused bottles. The required equipment is quite simple, they are bottles unused, cutting tools, soil and of course the seeds of plants to be planted.

  1. New Space Storage from Unused Bottles


With a slight addition of accents and ornaments unused bottles that formerly unused can look more beautiful and has a value of benefits.

  1. Candle holder from the Unused Bottles


Using two pieces of the top bottle and combining them can be a beautiful candle holder.

  1. Paintbrush from Unused Bottles


Creating a painting using the back of a unused bottle is very easy to do. The equipment needed is very simple but easy to be done by anyone.

  1. Decorative Candle Holder from Unused Bottles


The technique of making it can be said quite easily, using pieces of unused bottles, sand, rocks ornaments and aromatherapy candles you can also do at home.


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