It can’t be denied that kids love doing craft a lot and the things that you can do to deal with this is by making craft projects for your kids by using origami paper. This origami paper is really loved by parents and teachers because it has so many different color choices and can be found anywhere. Moreover, it is also allow you to fold the origami into so many different shapes and designs.

In case you are confuse on how to find the right design of the origami craft that will be the most suitable design for your kids, we will serve you with some easy yet impressive ideas for your kids. The following pictures that we are going to show you are the craft ideas that can be fit for both girls and boys. Please go check these pictures out.

Fish Craft

Tropical fish is beautiful, as you can make it in simple way by using some materials such as origami paper, small doll eyes, craft glue, scissors, and some other supplies. Don’t be in doubt to make it colorful to combine lots of colors for truly extraordinary results to impress everyone.

Tiger Craft

This origami craft is really simple that only requires one single color paper, paper glue, and some other supplies but it is very easy to make. Children would love to make it because it has tiger shape which is very rarely to be made and quite unique.

Eyes Craft

If your kids are bored with their old toys, now you can make new and really cheap ones with this simple paper craft project. Make eyes shape by drawing it using black, blue, green, yellow crayons that will make your children amazed of the result and also allow you to be creative and practice your children’s craft skills.

Froggy Craft

Find ways to keep your kids entertained especially when it rains and they can’t go out to play. Here you can make frog craft that will be rally fit with the weather. Create it in colorful look so that it can be look interesting.

Face Craft

This face shape is really great that can be made to for your kids or students to comprehend the different face characteristics. Instead of painting the face, check out this interesting idea to make it with paper craft that can build fine motor skills by drawing eyebrows, eyes, lips with liquid watercolor paint.

Rabbit Craft

This craft is beautiful, funny and sophisticated to be an easy craft for your children, it is made almost entirely of colorful pieces that feel stunning. Ask your children to cut the shapes then let your children take turns drawing cute rabbit faces with colorful origami paper. Rabbit shape will never fail you to make your children excited.

Dog Craft

This is a very easy origami craft for kids that you can make with your kids. Beside of the folding activity, you can also ask them to draw the face. It is great because your kids will freely apply their imagination.

Shark Craft

This shark craft is really great. It may will be loved by the boys but it doesn’t mean that the girls won’t love it. This paper craft is suitable for all ages, with supervision for children, and does not require a lot of inventory. make kids train their brains to be smarter.

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If you look at the pictures above you can see that the origami crafts are designed not only to teach your kids folding skill but also painting skill by draw the shape of the animals or the things that are created. It is really great because it can improve their creativity and imagination in creating something. Trust me that they will really learn a lot.

Most of the pictures above are designed in animals shape, it is because kids are loving animals and commonly they are eager in animals as it looks unique for them. Since there are so many different kinds of animal shape that we have served, you can pick one that your kids love the most or based on their skill capacity so that your kids won’t be in trouble in finishing the project.

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