When trying to eat healthy, a herbs garden is an amazing asset. An indoor herb garden is a great way to have fresh herbs all year long and in almost any climate. Herbs are an amazing source of natural medicine, and fresh herbs are usually even more potent (and flavorful!) than dried. an herb garden won’t only provide you with fresh produce and delicious food, but it’ll also brighten up your home. The flavor profile just can’t be beat (not to mention how good they smell!). Don’t worry, we got your back. Here 10 ideas to make your own herbs garden.

Upside Down Garden

Source : Persephone Magazine

Indoor herb gardens can be kind of a hassle to keep on the countertop, so why not try a hanging garden as a space-saving option? Use bright fabrics to keep in line with your design scheme.

Baking Tin Garden

Source : Grillo Design

Whether you’re an avid baker or not, here’s another great use for a baking tin. We suggest you to make small holes with nails on the edge of the baking tin -the side that will be the bottom- this works so that water is not excessive and causes the plant to rot.

Tipsy Garden

This adorable crooked pot idea is just so charming and cute. A metal rod through the middle keeps your wonky pots in place so that they just look like they’re about to fall over but won’t actually fall over.

Pallet Wall Garden

Source : Beers N Beans

Great pallet project that anyone can build with common hand tools. Easy to maintain, and beautiful as well. this vertical garden sure can be a wall art in your kitchen.

Hanging Garden

If you have a bright and sunny window over the kitchen sink this easy herb garden makes great use of that vertical window space with two hanging rods hung up and decorative pots suspended from each rod with jute rope.

Recycled Garden

Turning trash into treasure can be so much fun and this nifty project turns quart sized plastic milk containers into simple hanging herb containers. Your chives and parsley will never be happier and Mother Earth will be smiling too!

Countertop Garden

Source : HGTV

Planting all your herbs in one container is the easiest way to save space in a small kitchen. We love the idea of using this as a table centerpiece as well. The saucer make it easy to rotate to catch the sun, terracotta saucer can be replace the with tray or even lazy susan Fill it with river rock and small pebbles to catch any drainage.

Bottle Garden

If you’re going to make wine bottle glasses anyway, this is the perfect way to use the tops. The making process will be a little difficult, but you will be very happy with the results. Then all you have to do is occasionally add water to the bottom jar.

PVC Garden

PVC pipe make for great hanging herb gardens. They don’t take up a lot of space, and their shallow beds are perfect for herbs.

Mason Jar Garden

The Mason jar craze is still in full force, and I don’t think it’ll be dying down anytime soon. So when it comes to using them for DIY projects, making a wall herb garden just seems like the next logical step! Without holes for drainage you have to be careful not to overwater your plants; you could also put some stones in the bottom of the jar so that the water sits there and not in the soil.

Coffee Mug Garden

Source : eHow

You can make these little herb garden containers out of just about any decorative coffee mug that you want. All you need to do is find some that fit your decor just right and follow the instruction. You can try this with your teacup.

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