The kitchen is the heart of your home. Every element of your kitchen should be designed keeping in mind the important role it plays. The same goes for kitchen cabinets as well. 

Cabinets are the main storage compartments of your kitchen; hence, their importance is undisputed. Apart from considering the storage capacity, hygiene, and safety, they must look aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Another additional factor that you should consider while choosing your cabinets is the price. If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen cabinets or planning entirely new ones, these are the factors you need to consider. 

Wondering what the trendiest kitchen cabinets designs of the year are? Keep reading to know everything about the same. 

Dual-tone cabinets 

Dual-tone cabinets are the trend of the year, and are some of the classiest designs for contemporary kitchen styles. For a classic dual-tone, choose colors that go with the rest of the kitchen. 

For instance, if your entire kitchen is monochrome, you can color the cabinets half in either black, grey, or dark green and the half in white. It helps to break the monotony and at the same time bring some vibrance to your kitchen. Get professional help and design your kitchen with Zothex cabinets in any way you like

Textured cabinets 

If you are not a fan of plain and simple designs and want something to stand out from the crowd, textured cabinets are your way to go. You can incorporate different textured designs as per your liking, which will bring some character to your kitchen. 

Textured cabinets made of wood or other elements look aesthetically pleasing and will definitely catch your guests’ eyes. 

Open kitchen cabinets 

Want the same amount of storage but don’t want to design the cabinets in a conventional way? Don’t worry! Open kitchen cabinets are here to the rescue. 

Open cabinets always look trendy and give you a perfect chance to display your stylish crockery. You can use shelves in the kitchen as open cabinets throughout the kitchen, but make sure not to overdo it. 

To make it look pretty, arrange your kitchenware colorwise and add a vase or some plants for the purpose of decor. 

Glass kitchen cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinet design is timeless and a favorite among most homeowners. They look extremely pleasing and serve the purpose really well. Moreover, glass cabinets are the best choice for those who want to display their kitchenware but not entirely. 

Glass cabinets come in different varieties, like- 

Textured glass cabinets: These come with patterned or textured glass to add more visual interest. 

Transparent glass cabinets: These are plain glass cabinets, best for people who want to display everything on their cabinets. 

Bubbled glass cabinets: If you are a fan of vintage art and decor, bubbled glass cabinets are the ideal choice for you. These glasses come with small bubbles or seed-like textures and work perfectly as a vintage decor item. 

Frosted glass cabinets: These are the perfect choice for those who don’t want to display what’s inside the cabinet yet are a fan of glass designed cabinets. They look a bit blurry, so your guests won’t be able to see what’s inside. 

Leaded glass cabinets: These cabinets use metal in their design, which gives the glass a slight tint or hue. They look elegant and beautiful, perfect for a modern day kitchen. 

Bamboo kitchen cabinets 

If you’re a fan of bohemian style, bamboo kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for you. They are not only sturdy and long-lasting but eco-friendly too. 

Bamboo cabinets will add a perfectly rustic and bohemian vibe to the kitchen and help you make a statement with your style. Not to forget, they’re super easy to clean and maintain, which is an added benefit. 

Bright colored kitchen cabinets

Bright-colored cabinets are back in trend. You can choose bright red, rustic orange, olive green, and fuchsia pink shades to make them stand out. 

However, bright cabinets will only look good when the rest of the kitchen is in a neutral shade. 

Acrylic kitchen cabinets

If you want a modern, sophisticated look, go for acrylic kitchen cabinets. They add the perfect shine and elegance to your kitchen. 

Apart from the beauty factor, acrylic cabinets are durable, scratch-resistant, and retain their shine and color for the longest time. 

Things to consider while choosing kitchen cabinets other than their style 

Designs play a vital role while choosing kitchen cabinets, but they cannot be the sole factor of consideration. You need to consider other factors too to get the best use of your kitchen cabinets—things like durability, price, quality, customized or semi-customized, etc. 

Out of all these conditions, durability and price are very important to consider. Set your budget before going for the purchase, this will help you avoid unnecessary confusion, and you will stick to options that fit your budget. 

You don’t want to invest in something that does not offer durability. Therefore, make sure to do enough background research before deciding on the material of your kitchen cabinets. 

Final words 

Here is our take on the top seven kitchen cabinet designs of the year. These designs are shortlisted based on their style, quality, and durability. Give this guide a quick read to find out the trendiest kitchen cabinets designs of the year and pick your style from among them. A new cabinet will definitely give your kitchen a revamped look! 


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