Have you just begun renovating your home or simply wish to replace the old bathroom flooring? Whether this is the case for you or not, selecting the best bathroom flooring is usually a pleasurable experience. Some individuals choose flooring primarily on the look of the tiles, while others choose budget-friendly choices.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking unique and inspiring bathroom flooring ideas.

Amazing Bathroom Flooring Concepts

To help you get started, here is a list of the seven best bathroom flooring in NZ options that are both fashionable and long-lasting.

1. A Tiny Space with a Big Impact

When it comes to renovating a small area like a powder room, you want to keep things simple while yet making a statement. One method to achieve this is to keep the flooring basic and use bold wall color or a vivid printed wallpaper to make a statement. This dark grey slate tiling lends an industrial edge and has swiftly become a popular style in home décor, not only for flooring. 

2. White flooring will make your bathroom appear larger

When it comes to bathroom flooring, tile is certainly not a new trend. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, and easy to clean, and it goes with any decor. The advantages of white flooring are numerous. It can easily complement any bathroom wall color or other design components, and it also makes any area appear and feel larger, which is very essential in most bathrooms. 

3. Moroccan Tiles for a Vibrant, Dramatic Look

Moroccan tiles give every room a delicate and creative touch. Using this patterned tile in the bathroom is a great way to make a bold statement while also stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you want to use this sleek and contemporary tile in your bathroom, keep the rest of the decor neutral and basic. You want your new bathroom flooring to be noticeable without being overshadowed by other fixtures and decorations. This tile comes in bright hues like blue and yellow, as well as bohemian tones like crimson and navy. 

4. Bathroom Flooring Design with Bold Black Hexagon Tile

This striking black hexagon tile has a traditional, simple pattern that is both flexible and beautiful. The big hexagon-shaped tile is long-lasting and slip-resistant, making it an excellent choice for bathroom flooring. The black tile and wood vanity provides a striking and harmonious balance in this room. The subway tile in the shower adds contrast to the room while also giving it a timeless appearance. Also, when it comes to fashion and design, black never goes out of vogue.

5. Marble Bathroom Flooring Is Classic and Timeless

Marble is a popular bathroom flooring choice because it is ageless, classic, and durable. Marble is a pricey option if you’re thinking about renovating or modernizing your bathroom, but it’s made to last. If genuine marble isn’t a possibility, a ceramic tile with a marble appearance can be used instead. Marble flooring is a classic appearance that will last for years. 

6. Victorian Bathrooms Add a Touch of Class 

The Victorian tile has an intricate architectural feature that makes it ideal for tiny rooms like the bathroom. This cement tile features an intricate Victorian design with white, grey, blue, and taupe tones. It’s gorgeous and provides a warm, inviting ambiance that everyone will enjoy. This tile has the added benefit of being able to be utilized on the walls as a complementary accent to the flooring.

7. A Bathroom Tile Option That Will Turn Heads

Are you ready to spruce up your bathroom’s flooring? This usually seems like a difficult chore, but it doesn’t have to be with all of the great technologies designed to make our DIY tasks easier. When you’re searching for a quick way to freshen up your bathroom, this peels and stick tile decal is a great option. The black and white design has a contemporary, simple, and classic look. This tile has a high-tech laminate layer on top of it to withstand the extra wear and tear that bathroom floors endure.


Fortunately, there are a variety of bathroom flooring styles that are both durable and beautiful, as well as simple to install. The days of drab tile are long gone. Bathroom flooring styles are exploding right now, from solid marble and stone to Victorian and Moroccan patterned tiles. 


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