Owning a home is a major milestone for any adult, and is one worth celebrating. At the same time, any homeowner understands how important it is to protect their property and treat it well, given the long-term investment it is. Neglecting to take care of your home is the kiss of death to your property’s value, which will make it harder for you to see it off and break even, let alone earn a profit. Regular improvements around the home will help raise its value and will make it a much more profitable sale in the long run. Here are a few shoo-in improvements that will help raise the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

1. Driveways and Sidewalks

Perhaps the biggest improvement that will help attract local real estate agents and buyers is getting the driveway and sidewalk near your home in perfect shape. Of course, some basic landscaping work, like removing weeds and making sure that your lawn looks pristine is a good move. So is adding a few vibrant plants, and repainting your home’s exterior with a beautiful color. However, a smooth driveway and sidewalks that are even and easy to walk on without tripping help seal the deal. You may need to hire a company to help with repaving the driveway, and making it more hospitable for cars. You can also patch together unsightly gaps in the concrete with a sealer to help make things look more photogenic, and ensure that you periodically hose down the driveway so that it looks fresh and clean. If you have some deep stains that have discolored the pavement, then you can look into renting a heavy-duty pressure washer every once in a while to help do some deep cleaning. 

2. More Windows and Glass Walls

If you live in an area that feels somewhat secluded but also comes with fantastic views, then adding more windows is a great way to add plenty of natural light while showing off the beautiful landscape. They also look crisp, clean, and incredibly modern, making it the sort of feature that many people looking to buy a new home naturally gravitate towards. The professionals at Cover Glass mention the savvy point that glass walls and windows in many ways help to make your floor plan look larger. Moreover, the living space feels more comfortable because of it. Who doesn’t want more sunlight to be in their home? It makes things more cheerful, and it offers a calming and serene vibe that any potential homeowner would seek.

3. Bathroom Amenities

When improving the bathroom, some people take the task to mean adding spa-like features and making the space larger and fancier. While this is great, it’s not the thing that is naturally attractive to potential buyers. These days, it’s all about ensuring that the space can be easily cleaned and is as hygienic as possible. This is hardly surprising given the context of COVID-19 and people feeling like they need to be prepared for the next pandemic – god forbid. In any case, making smart choices like installing smart lights or automatic faucets are all excellent considerations. Also, bidets had a moment as of 2020 given the infamous toilet paper shortage – installing a bidet will make the next supply chain shortage less traumatic. In general, all these touch-free flourishes will make your bathroom more attuned to what people are on the lookout for these days.

4. Fire Pits

Another outgrowth of circumstances laid out by the pandemic is the huge demand for fire pits. Since spending time outdoors is seen as the safest way to see friends and family, and commiserate with neighbors without having to be masked up, fire pits have become a new and cherished pastime. They provide an excellent way to maximize your yard space since they in effect function as an outdoor living room or kitchen that everyone can enjoy. It also means that people can gather outside even when the weather is a bit cold and unpleasant, while still remaining safe and socially distanced. Fire pits also look beautiful and are incredibly attractive to potential home buyers.

5. At-Home Offices

Here is yet another facet of contemporary life that is largely a side effect of the pandemic: the rise in work from home stations. Even as the worst of the pandemic subsides and lockdowns stop being a reality for many, both workers and employers have recognized the benefits of working from home, and it will most likely stay with us for many years. If a buyer sees that a listing has a separate home office, then it makes the whole prospect far more enticing. If you don’t already have a separate or dedicated room in the home for an office, you can undertake relatively simple interventions such as adding a nook in an unused room or even transforming a closet into a small creative place where people can work. It doesn’t have to be a big splurge or anything fancy; the words “home office” are enough to excite others.

6. Regular Inspections

Some of these improvements may seem a bit cosmetic, but there are a few other things you should do to put potential buyers’ minds at ease. Performing regular inspections to make sure that the infrastructure is in excellent shape is an important step. You want to be on the lookout for banged-up roofs, a termite infestation, and especially electrical systems that may seem outdated or inoperable. Hiring an inspector to help you make regular check-ups will help you discover problems in your home that need to be fixed. Most catastrophic issues start out seeming pretty small and insignificant, but then they turn into massive headaches if they’ve been ignored for too long. Regular inspections help you to circumvent this and allow you to take care of things from the get-go. 

Selling a home can take a long time. Even if you’re not ready to put your house on the market just yet, you should always take the time out to make sure it looks great and has the best amenities possible. Again, it’s a vital way of protecting your investment and ensuring that your nest egg will become valuable over time. 

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