Being someone who spends the majority of their time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals for their loved ones, you would understand the need to have well-decorated kitchen space for setting the mood. The look of your kitchen holds the same amount of importance as its functionality.

Kitchen is never given much attention in terms of décor, which usually leaves it dull and tedious; this is the reason kitchen décor is essential as well. It might not be a popular choice of space to display artwork in, but there are countless ideas for giving your bland kitchen walls; however, you need to keep in mind a few things before you get into it.

Avoid Overcrowding

Stuffing spaces with decorative pieces or anything gives out an untied look and makes space look smaller too but in case of a kitchen; it can be hazardous as they can catch fire.

Fragile Glass Goods

Use durable and sturdy things either they are meant for decoration or usage. Buy appliances and utensils that go with your kitchen theme and offer good functionality. Choose retro or luxury designs to contrast or match the colour scheme of the kitchen.

Whitewashed walls

Straight up putting white on the walls brings down the look of the kitchen. As a high-functioning room in the house, the kitchen deserves to be decorated well. Use vivid colours like red, yellow, or even purple; what matters is that you keep it in coordination with your other rooms.


Never use any decorative that might catch fire easily. This includes fairy lights, strings drapes, and pigments. Also, avoid anything that was dangle or puddles at the end like drapes. They can be a huge fire hazard. Keep things intact and fixed in place to avoid that.

Tips for Giving your Kitchen Walls a Makeover

Start at the Walls

Walls act like a blank canvas which opens doors to limitless ideas. Using catchy titles, artworks, wallpapers, and paints can bring out an aesthetic look and improve your kitchen’s look. Here are a few ideas you can use to redo your kitchen wall décor:

Bold and bright solid colors can work wonders on their own. Using a bold color on one wall would create a marvelous contrast with the other subtle-colored walls. This will not only improve the aesthetics of the kitchen setting but also affect your mood positively.

Credit : Main Life Style

Use chalkboard paint on a whole wall or proportionately, suit yourself. The chalkboard paint gives the kitchen a restaurant vibe which can help improve appetite and mood as well. If you are wondering where to buy this paint, believe me, any matt black paint would work just fine. Write today’s meal, a quote, or anything you are that feeling today and you have one heck of a wall.

Credit: clockkil.knee-high-boots-outfit43

Patterned tiles are great if you want a luxury look to your kitchen. There are various designs and colors that you can choose from based on the lighting and the color scheme of your kitchen.

Credit: Stylecurator

DIY Signs and Boards

DIY-ing is the most fun part of decorating any space. It does not only save money but also provides an opportunity to use things that would go in waste otherwise. Bring in the old kitchen board. You can carve your favorite quotes or any image using a hot screwdriver (just be careful). You can also paint them if embossing or carving sounds like too much work.

Credit: home Cricket

Using different sized canvases can also work great. Paint minimal painting and hang them at the kitchen entrance or hang a set of 3 on the wall with your initials on them, whatever works the best for you. With an actual blank canvas, you explore your artistic skills and adorn the walls of your kitchen just the way you want.

Credit: Royalcrownpro

Metallic sign boards are quite a trend these days. They come in a variety including a flat board with embossed images/quotes or you can buy with lettering cutouts. You can make them dual-purpose by purchasing one with an iron rod. Not only would they give a vintage vibe to your kitchen but also as a knife sharpener.

Follow the Trend

Keeping your home décor updated with trends can maintain a fresh look of your space. Especially for kitchens, trendy stuff makes a huge difference.

Doored drawers are so 2015. Use open shelves for placing jars, containers, and boxes. They not only add a touch of fashion-forward sense of style but also keep everything at hand. You color coordinate food boxes and containers or even place them in a certain order to give an extra oomph of elegance. These shelves are great if you have a small kitchen as if that’s not enough, you can even use them to display your plants and recipe books. Does it sound like a kitchen Gordon Ramsay would approve of? I think so!

Credit: socialwiki

If your kitchen space is large and you can’t decide what to with all the empty spaces, I have two words for you, Marble Island. They might be expensive but once you have a marble island in your kitchen it is going to transform the whole space. It is a purchase you won’t regret. There is a large variety of island designs and textures that can suit your budget and taste while making your kitchen look like one from a movie.

Credit: Melanie Turner Interiors

Baskets and Metal Net Racks

Adding a touch of rusticity using a basket of metal racks will not only bring a spark in your kitchen décor but also provide extra organized storage. You can pack wine bottles in a khaki paper and place them in the basket on a wall or place you. They are great for putting fruits and snacks in them so you can grab one while preparing a meal for the family dinner.

Credit: topgesicht


Going a little extra is always better. You can paint and decorate these baskets the way you want. Nevertheless, make sure to use a basket that goes with your kitchen’s theme. Do not add a coiled or twinned basket to [9]marble or a luxury themed kitchen, they work better with retro themes. Drilling black metallic rack on solid colored walls would work great for the former.

Credit: urbanoutfitters


Make Use of the Vertical Space

Shadow boxes are a great choice if you want to add a 3D element on the wall. You can place flower arrangements, Letters, Plastics, fruits and veggies and a lot of other things that you want at hand. They stick to walls and take very little space. However, make sure you purchase them from a reliable source, and they come in sturdy packaging, so each piece remains undamaged. They are very light so the material isn’t robust to bear a lot of strain which is another reason why you must only put lightweight things in them, so they don’t collapse.

Credit: dahliadecor

Another way to adorn the plain walls is to hang pallets. They can be used for almost anything; spice jars, mason jars, wine bottles, etc. Not only they improve functionality but also make the empty blank walls. Purchasing a pallet sounds like a good idea, but how about a nice DIY project for the weekend? You can have all the fun of building one and customize its size and textures according to your need.

Credit : sensod

Hooked on the Walls

Putting hooks on the wall can benefit in all kinds of ways. They save the overcrowding of mugs on counters so you can just hang them on the hooks. This way, they also remain dry. There are many other things you can hang on the hooks to avoid over stacking in the kitchen cabinets and counters. Things like aprons, kitchen towels, mittens, and washing gloves can be hung on the hooks to avoid them from getting wet or dirty.


There are three ways of installing hooks on the wall

Drill a hole in the wall to install a hook directly on the wall. This will require a drill machine, screws, and some hooks. It is slightly difficult as there can hard spots in a wall that can hard to drill. Some people hammer a nail in the wall to attach a hook to it which is not recommended as it a cause sputtering in the wall.

Use a wooden blank to mount hole in it for installing hooks. This will ease the process of installing hooks and look great if you are looking for a vintage rustic look for a kitchen wall. Paint and decorate that blankness you wish using various paints and styles.

Credit: johnlewis.scene7

Wall anchors are great for putting hooks on a concrete wall. They make sure the hooks fit perfectly in the hole and have a firm fixture. This will prevent the hooks from falling every no quad against which is common when you use them every day. 

Guest post by Julie Thomas

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