Terrarium is a mini garden in the room with a glass container. Plants that are often used are ferns, moss, succulents, and cactus. For those of you who just want to try, choose plants that are easy to grow without need extra care. In addition, choosing the right plants will not take a lot of time.

Terrariums are media or planting media in bottles, glass or transparent plastic that are easy to maintain. After choosing the plants to be used, you can use glass and only for plant roots. You can use  mini aquarium that is no longer used. There are several containers that can be used for terrariums container like cloche, casings, vases.

Transparent Glass Terrarium from mangomuseevents

Glass Water Terrarium from thedesignerpad

High Glass Terrarium from apartmenttherapy

Combination of Glass and Metal Terrarium from younghouselove

Hanging Bulb Terrarium from notapaperhouse

Thick Glass Jar Terrarium from bhg

Terrarium Glass Bottle from mydesiredhome

Ball Glass Terrarium from stylemotivation

Modern Style Glass Terrarium

Hanging Small Terrarium in the Porch from livemaster

Terrarium Windowsill Decor from familyholiday

Terrarium Glass Teapot from acharmingproject

Hanging Floral Terrarium from homishome

DIY Bulb Terrarium Design from violity

Terrarium Thick Glass Jar from liveinternet

Minimalist Terrarium Style from kknews

Greenery Terrarium from volyn.tabloyid

Paula Hayes Terrarium from spoon-tamago

Vintage Red Splash Teapot Terrarium from taringa

Miniature Terrarium from honestlywtf

Succulent Terrarium from meowlogy

Terrarium Glass Cup

Small Round Glass Terrarium from parentcircle

Terrarium with Deer Accent from inhabitat

Minimalist Succulent Terrarium

Ball Glass Terrarium from design-milk

Standing Bulb Terrarium from kknews

Terrarium Glass Cup from buzzfeed

Glass Cone Terrarium from theatrecomments

DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

Small Bulb Terrarium from diys

Glass Transparent Terrarium from designcorral

Terrarium with Woven Basket Accent from handy-ideas

DIY Wood Frame Terrarium from kknews

Curved Glass Terrarium from shelterness

Mr. and Mrs. Glass Terrarium from swjournal

Modern and Contemporary Terrarium

Water Bulb Terrarium from

Thick Glass Terrarium from architecturendesign

Green Moss Terrarium

Terrarium with Ice Cream Sticks Sign from taringa

Glass Cup Terrarium with Moss Green Decor from m.duitang

Succulent Terrarium with White Stone Planting Media

Rustic Style Terrarium from moderndiningtables

Hanging Red Berry Terrarium

Glass Terrarium with Soil Planting Media from novocom

DIY Jar Terrarium from thefernandmossery

Two Terrariums with Different Shapes from shelterness

Mini Waterfall Terrarium from architecturendesign

Water Garden Cup Terrarium from architecturendesign

Fairy Garden Terrarium from architecturendesign

Beachy Terrarium from architecturendesign

Egg Shell Terrarium from architecturendesign

Cactus Terrarium from architecturendesign

Bell Cloche Terrarium from architecturendesign

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