Buying an older home instead of a newer build is one of the best eco-friendly choices new homeowners can make. And thanks to Pennsylvania’s thorough history, there’s a perfect blend of antique and modern architecture, from row homes to modern houses from every era. 

Follow along with these 5 green remodeling hacks for a more eco-friendly home in Pennsylvania. They’ll save you money and reduce the number of building materials that end up in the trash too! Read below to know more.

  • Repair The Floor With Recycled Or Sustainable Wood

One of those areas where remodeling truly enhances the beauty of the house is the floor. You can use wooden planks since they do not warp if put correctly. Today, there is also a large use of eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, you can choose from:
Cork: It is renewable, soft, springy, has great thermal and acoustic qualities, and is wipeable and weatherproof.

Bamboo: It is strong, resistant to dampness, regenerates quicker than wood, and doesn’t require pesticides for its growth.

  • Set up Low-flow Equipment

Toilet use accounts for about 27% of household water use. In fact, some toilets use more than 13 litres of water each time they flush. Therefore, we must switch to water-saving low-flow plumbing systems. 

Consider a dual-flush system as well, where one button can flush solid waste while the other can flush liquid waste. Add circulation regulators to the shower and faucets in addition to installing low-flow toilets. It will help you in using less water overall and maximise water recycling.

  • Renewable Heating System With Balanced Roof Temperatures

The majority of homes need additional warmth, especially in the winter, and use electricity to do this. Alternatively, think about heating the house naturally. For instance, ground-source heat pumps draw energy from the soil through underground pipelines to heat the house and water circuits.

Tankless water heaters can assist you in reducing your carbon footprint. You will preserve more water because they only operate when needed. Tankless water heaters benefit the environment and last longer and occupy less space.

Additionally, you might be needing to employ roofing structures that help in maintaining the temperature inside your home. For this, you can go for an experienced roofer in Doylestown, PA, for cost-efficient as well as expert solutions.

  • Opt for energy-saving appliances and methods

In order to save money and energy, look for eco-friendly dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, fireplaces, and washing machines. Additionally, take into account LED lighting since artificial lighting makes up around 15% of typical household energy expenses.

Moreover, burning wood can be a sustainable way to heat your house. Compared to contemporary wood-burning stoves, which can operate at 80% efficiency, open fireplaces are only about 20-25% efficient. If you have the room, you could heat your living room while providing domestic hot water.

To Wrap Up

Are you currently remodeling your older home? Do you find any of these hacks useful? Would you like to share any sustainability hacks? We always want to hear from you, so please post them below!

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