The kitchen is immaculate, the living room is up to trend, and the dining room is ready if Martha Stewart herself should drop in. But it’s all too easy to neglect the for-your-eyes-only bedroom. Rarely on display, your bedroom is constantly pushed further to the bottom of the to-do list.

If this sounds familiar, this article is for you. Stop missing out on the incredible benefits that a beautiful and blissful bedroom can offer you: enhanced sleep for better health, a clean, crisp tone to start your morning, and a peaceful retreat on a chaotic afternoon.  

It’s time to show this space some love. Give your bedroom the time and attention it deserves and transform it into a gorgeous, peaceful, personal sanctuary.

1. Clutter be gone

Custom Closets

Clutter equals stress, and stress equals subpar beauty sleep. The bedroom is your personal refuge to relax, recharge, and refresh. Keeping clutter at bay is a must.

Custom closets are the number one game-changer here. 

First off, going custom with your closets means bringing in pros who specialize in creating an organization from chaos; they solve storage problems you didn’t know you had. The result will be a closet that maximizes every inch of your space. Imagine: a compartment for every pair of flats; shelves just for your hats and designer purses; high racks for baskets of old family photos. 

Custom closets can stow out-of-season pieces, tuck away laundry hampers, offer seating and a full-length mirror for dressing, and even elegantly display your jewelry. Using your vertical space in such an intentional and organized way enables you to keep your bedroom looking like the peaceful and soothing retreat that it should be.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” will be your new motto when you have a closet custom-designed for you and your needs. And as if eliminating clutter weren’t enough, custom closets also lend a beauty of their own to the bedroom with elegant lighting, mirrors, or art.

Get clever with storage

Go savvy and stylish with your bedroom storage. Place small dressers on each side of the bed in lieu of end tables. They will serve the same aesthetic and functional purpose but offer bonus shelving for stashing your reading glasses and chargers. 

When choosing a bench for the foot of your bed, select a bench that offers inside storage, and opt for a bed with pull-out drawers or empty space underneath to stash lidded boxes. Conceal the containers with a classy bed skirt to enhance a feeling of simplicity and tidiness.

2. Choose hues that soothe

Stick with soothing, tranquil colors for the bedroom. Neutral shades like white, gray, and tan, or cool colors such as blues and purples are calming colors that invite rest and tranquility.  

Wondering how, exactly, to achieve a polished, balanced feel when choosing colors for your bedroom? Take after the pros and follow the 60-30-10 rule.

To use this technique, choose just three colors for your space, although you can – and should – choose various shades of the three. Then use these colors in a 60-30-10 proportion throughout the room. 

Use your first color on 60% of your room – think walls, bedding, and large furniture pieces. Consider this dominant color a backdrop for your space. 

Work your second color into your floor or ceiling, throw blankets, and rugs. Keep things interesting by using varying shades of this second color. 

Use your third color for 10% of your room, adding it in small accents such as splashes of color in a painting, stripes in a rug, or dots in your wallpaper.

Above all, keep furniture and decor simple and minimize extra accessories and colors in the bedroom for a beautiful and peaceful look.

3. Bedtime

The bed, of course, is the star of the show, so for a stunning and truly blissful bedroom, feel free to splurge. Think of this as an investment in your physical and mental well-being in addition to design.

Indulge in luxurious bedding. Look for a 300-500 thread count for your sheets for maximum comfort and invest in a 100% down comforter and pillows. Layer your bedding for a designer look: top your sleeping pillows with beautiful decorative ones of varying complementary shades and textures.

Platform beds offer a fresh, sleek look and can make a small bedroom seem more spacious. Your bed should be centered and easily accessible from either side, highlighting it as a natural focal point for the room. Consider placing an oversized area rug underneath, large enough to leave 24 inches sticking out on all sides of the bed. 

4. Go classy with elegant lighting

Be thoughtful about your lighting. Layers are ideal. Generally, your bedroom needs overhead lighting that can brighten the entire space, focused lighting for tasks such as reading, and soft accent lighting to highlight any prized artwork in the room. Ensure that you also have adequate lighting for your vanity and for dressing.

Consider swapping out that drab ceiling fan for show-stopping, elegant pendant lights. You can hang these gorgeous lights directly above the bed, centered on each side, or place them to one side of the room to brighten up your reading nook.

Small lamps with soft light are perfect on nightstands on each side of the bed, or you can attach beautiful sconces to the walls behind your bed. 

5. Create a space to lounge

Your bedroom will look amazing with an added sitting area for hanging out. 

Place a cozy sofa or two charming armchairs near the window, complete with a few throw pillows and a small coffee table. Define the space with an area rug and a pretty floor lamp or pendant lights.

If you can’t spare the space for a larger sitting area, a quaint loveseat or two pretty arm-chairs positioned at the foot of the bed will invite you to relax for a while.

Heavenly haven

are the days of putting your space – and yourself – at the bottom of your to-do list. Beautify your bedroom for better sleep. Wake up with a smile on your face when you open your eyes to a pretty and crisp view instead of heaps of unfolded laundry. Sneak off to peace and quiet when the aunts and uncles get into a heated political debate while the Thanksgiving turkey is roasting.

This heavenly haven just might change your life.

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