Winter season is a reminder for all of us to be grateful for the little things like warmth. While we’re gearing up for the holidays, it is essential that our homes are primed for a long stay indoors. However, the concern about increased electricity and heating bills is also valid though! This blog will show you five ways in which you can keep your home warm in the most cost-efficient manner. Without any delay, let’s get right into it.

  • Put curtains to good use: As the season’s change, so do our curtains. It’s time to switch to thicker curtains that can help you keep the warmth in. Keep the curtains open during the day to let in light and heat. When your heaters are on at night, make sure that you draw the curtains to boost the insulation properties of your home. 
  • Get your furnace serviced: The most important step during winter is to ensure that your heating device is working in optimal condition. If you’re wondering why your furnace can’t keep up with the thermostat, it’s time to check it. Call in your local furnace or heating system experts to ensure that your home stays warm throughout the season. Not only will your furnace function better, but also stay true to the thermostat readings for the best performance.
  • Improve your home insulation: Your home may have enjoyed beautiful cross ventilation all these months up until Fall. However, now is the time to board up and ensure no stray draft enters your living space. Poor insulation not only drops the temperature of the property but can make your heating system inefficient, drawing more electricity than usual. Check your windows, doors, drywall, and woodwork to make sure there are no gaps and flaws in the insulation.
  • Use heavier rugs: Apart from improving the insulation, you can use heavier materials on the upholstery and floor to ensure that your feet do not come in contact with the cold. If you have hardwood floors or tiles, the winter may turn them into unpleasant icy plains. What you can do is roll out your winter carpets and mats to avoid contact with the ground. Using heavier textures and darker colors will retain more heat from your fireplace or heating system.
  • Move your furniture: While it can be tempting to keep your furniture as close to the furnace as possible, it is counterintuitive. Hear us out for a second! Just because your sofa is right in front of your fireplace or furnace, doesn’t make the heating more efficient. As a paradox, it actually consumes more energy to warm your home since the furniture can block space. Instead, move the furniture to strategic points that do not hinder the flow of warmth to the entire living space. This way, your home stays warmer for longer and so do you!

Final Word:

Saving electricity bills takes little when you can be smart with home insulation. The tips mentioned above will not only help your home stay warm for longer but also avoid the heat from leaking outside.

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