Full-blown home makeovers are exciting. Who does not want a fresh vibe often? Unfortunately for most people, giving your space new furniture, paint, and lighting is just a wish. Total home makeovers require a lot of money, time and professional skills. 

The good news is that you can still upgrade your home into an appealing space on a budget. Some clever touch-ups and a few purchases will give your space a breath of fresh air. Consider these small changes that will massively impact your house.

Deep Cleaning and Decluttering

Deep cleaning is extremely beneficial in many ways. It protects you and your loved ones from germs and bacteria that settle in your home. Thorough cleaning of your home will keep nasty bugs away and prevent some diseases. Consider engaging professionals in core services like drain cleaning, fumigating and electrical repairs for a clean look and safe home. Deep cleaning also improves your indoor air quality and makes a change in your environment.

Take this as an opportunity to declutter. Getting rid of things you do not use may pose a challenge, but clearing your space of clutter is the most liberating feeling. Though seemingly a small change, it will impact your home significantly.

Frame Mementos

Pick a few outstanding mementos and memorabilia, frame and hang them. You can get inexpensive frames that you will hang on the wall and create a beautiful wall gallery. This is a great way to personalize your home. 

Clear the drawers full of kids’ artwork, experimental materials and other collections. You can opt to digitize any materials or photos you treasure to save on physical space. 

Rearrange Furniture

Try rearranging what you have and behold the impact! Most people translate a new look for the living room as getting a new furniture set. But moving around what you already have can greatly impact your space. You can check the recommended space layouts online for one that fits your room and style. 

Add Greenery

Greenery is magical and brings life into any space. Adding a plant will make a room inviting and calming, not to mention fresh. You do not have to get a whole ficus tree or invest in an expensive orchid. A few branches will suffice. 

Ensure you pick a pot that will match the rest of the house and the right indoor plants for your home. Also, consider the plant size to ensure it is proportional to the room size. 

Color Your World

You cannot imagine what a little contrast will do until you try! The results will amaze you. Psychology proves that interior colors affect the mood of house occupants. If your room feels stale and tired, throw a contrasting color to your space. If you are not adventurous and bold, keep the background neutral and experiment with throw pillows, lamp shade, wall art, and a centerpiece. You can also use a small can of paint or wallpaper to do the trick.  


Tossing a simple throw on an old chair that you are starting to feel tired of will give it a fresh face that is cozy and nice. You can achieve this new look in a flash. Swapping photos in your frame does not cost anything, but this act can make an incredible difference on your console table.

Look around your house, and then work with your end in mind. Filling an empty corner with a frame could make a significant difference. There is so much you can do to give your home a new look with what you have. Have fun and play around with things while at it.  


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