With all the time you have stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s a perfect opportunity to think about some DIY home improvement projects. You probably had a few renovations in mind that you never had enough time for. Well, now’s the time!

With a few hours of your time, YouTube videos, and some supplies – you can give your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen a new life. Flooring, wall pieces, lighting, and home decor can all be updated – it’s small changes that make a significant impact.

 We have gathered 5 DIY home design ideas to consider to make your social distancing more productive and fun. Let’s take a look!

Brand New Flooring

We know. It sounds expensive, and you think that you’ll need to hire a team of professionals to perform the task. However, it’s nothing further from the truth! Nowadays, you can install new flooring in your living room by yourself – all you need is a little time and the right supplies.

There is plenty of “glue down” type flooring available. You can not only install them by yourself but choose ones that look like real classy wood, concrete, or even ceramics. Consider ordering them online (it’s a pandemic after all) and from the sites that offer interest-free flooring. A brand new floor will seriously upgrade your interior design game!

Paint Your Walls

While you are at home, why not get creative, and bring out your inner artist, using the walls as your canvas. Choose a can of paint that will spice up your living room and paint it a statement color, like vivid orange or deep green. You don’t like the outcome? Fine! Covid 19 pandemic will probably last a few more months, so you can repaint your walls until you find THE ONE wall color.

You don’t have to stick to one shade. Your home office space will look amazing with a mix of white and trendy pastels. Many people like adding colorful shapes to one-solid-color walls. You don’t even need a pattern for that – drywall tape is enough. Be sure to check out this DIY geometric wall accent tutorial by The Outdoor Daddy. We love it!

Remember – interior design doesn’t have to be pricey nor complicated. 

Create a True Home Office

The chances are that before the pandemic, you didn’t even own a desk. Or maybe you did, but it was small, cramped, and had multiple people using it. Now, when we work from home, desk arrangements make a huge difference.

Move your desk to a place that gets a lot of natural light – it will make it feel more energetic. You can hang a corkboard above it and put your work tasks checklist on it; if your desk is small-put a cabinet next to it to store all your papers and work materials.

Keep your desk clean, but add small accents like a plant, a calendar, or a photo that will make your space more personal.

Give a New Life To Old Furniture

Another great DIY interior design project is remodeling old furniture. It will transform the look of your home. 

If you have a set of old scuffed up chairs in storage – paint them and put them in a presentable place in your living room. You can also try some decoupage and give the seats a vintage or ethnic look. You can do the same with your shelves and cabinet doors – just with a bit of paint or leftover wallpaper. Your living space will look and feel fresh.

Renewing old furniture is also a fun activity to do with your family and flatmates, so be sure to try out as many ideas as you can!

Rearrange Your Room

It’s as easy as it sounds. As we already stressed – small changes make the most significant impact. You can not only change the furniture positions but also move it from one room to another.

Exchange home decor items like pictures, posters, lamps, stools, and vases to give a dining room, bathroom, or any other space a brand new look.

If you have many cabinets and other pieces, try changing it around a few times. Good positioning can make a small room look a lot larger. For an extra “space illusion,” put your mirror opposite a window. It will reflect light and create a feeling of depth.

Upgrading Your Home Decor During Covid-19

Now is the best time to become your own interior space designer. We have plenty of at-home time, so let’s make it creative and productive by upgrading our living spaces. 

When homebound during quarantine, buying endless home design pieces can become expensive. That’s why it’s good to try out some DIY home projects. It saves money and gives us a feeling of satisfaction and technical experience. However, if you do insist on buying a new piece of furniture, be sure to read this Vogue guide on what questions to ask yourself first.

There are so many creative routes you can take when transforming your home that are easy to do, express your creativity, and will change the looks of your home altogether. All you have to do is a little research, a few spare hours, and a quick look for materials in your storage or supply store. And be sure to add a small YOU accent to every design.

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