DIY sharpie dinnerware is a family-friendly DIY that can bring anyone at home together to create something that is functional and adorable. Dress up your plain dinnerware and create a pair as your decoration or send them as a gift is also okay. All you need is some Sharpies of all colors to make this project and preheat them in the oven. Check out this super easy DIY below.

Draw your dinnerware with everything that you want. You can make a hand-lettering of your name, a cute drawing, or even a simple pattern like dotted or stripe and else. When it’s all done, all you need is to preheat them at 350 degrees and your project is done. See these 47 DIY dinnerware ideas to inspire your own projects.


Sharpie Permanent Christmas Tree Plate

Intricate Patterns of Sharpie Plates and Glasses

White Ceramic Plate Sharpie from ouiaremakers

Ceramic Glass Painting Thumb Paint from curbly

White Plate with Black Paint Sharpie

Polka Dot Pattern Sharpie Cup from blessthismessplease

Colorful Sharpie Dinnerware

Mr. and Mrs. Sharpie Coasters

Polka Dot Sharpie Ceramic Bowl from thesweetestoccasion

China Sharpie Dinnerware from diycraftsy

Boys and Girls Sharpie Dishes from

Sharpie Dinnerware Bird Pattern from hiamag

Greenery Sharpie Pattern Cup

Landscaping Sharpie Plate

Print Out Sharpie Plate

Garden Sharpie Ceramic Teapot

Sharpie Cup Writing from thesweetestoccasion

Bold Color Sharpie Plate

White and Red Color Sharpie Dinnerware from novocom

Stacked Love Sharpie Pattern Bowl from thekitchn

Ceramic Sharpie Wall Decoration

Red Splash Sharpie Cup from picshunger

Sharpie Ceramic Plate

Sharpie Plate Deer Pattern

Gold Splash Color Classy Dinnerware from marciamooredesign

Colorful Sharpie Ceramic Dinnerware

Black and White Sharpie Dinnerware

Assorted Sharpie Bowl Patterns

Assorted Sharpie Patterns Contained In Cups

Sharpie Cat Pattern Coasters from archzine

Sharpie Plate Birds and Vines Pattern

Sign Sharpie Plate

DIY Flat Plate Sharpie from clingingtothevine

DIY Sharpie Cup Dominated in White Color

Gold Polka Dot Sharpie Cup from topweddingsites

Animal Pattern Black Sharpie Plate from bobvila

Alphabet Ceramic Plate from thesimpledollar

Orange Floral Sharpie Plate

Black Matte Sharpie Dinnerware with Silver Splash Color

Sharpie Plate Twig Pattern from yesmissy

DIY Squirrel Sharpie Dinnerware

DIY Sharpie Cup Tree Trunk from belorado

Sharpie Plate Unique Writing from vivaveltoro

Writing with Leaves and Floral Pattern Sharpie Plate from vivaveltoro

Love Writing Sharpie Plate from vivaveltoro

Cake Theme Sharpie Plate from vivaveltoro

Writing and Polka Dot Sharpie Plate from vivaveltoro

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