Many people (especially children) illustrated the loft or attic as a scary place that’s often inhabited by ghosts. But nowadays, many people are so in love with the loft started to use that space into something that is more eye-pleasing. Some people still use the loft for storage, while some other started to use it for a spare room, or a room for kids to play. In short, you can transform it into anything based on your needs.

Before transforming your loft space, be certain of the measurement, so you can determine where you install something and how big the intended room is. Consider to remodel the ceiling to create a significant difference and play with the lights. To complete the look, you can also paint the wall with light and bright color and add some accessories. If you want to transform your loft into a cozy loft bedroom, check out these 42 design ideas for small space below to inspire you.

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