Great outdoor furniture will bring comfort and function to your outdoor space. Your outdoor space will transform into a sensory-rich dining destination or spot to relax with a spacious table and easy-to-use, comfortable chairs. But do not overlook your outdoor living space. When complemented with the right outdoor furniture, your petite garden will beckon you outside time and again.

Start with making a list of furniture by make a list of the things that you would like to do in your outdoor space first and take a seat before buying to get the best and comfortable one. Go for an easy care of furniture; most metal, teak, cedar and all-weather wicker pieces are unfazed by whatever nature throws their way. Also consider some storage to storing it during the off season; if your storage is limited, look for furniture that folds easily. If benches are all you need, take a look at these 41 teak garden benches ideas for your outdoor space below.

DIY Curved Outdoor Bench from garden.katabara

Slate Backrest Bench

Natural Teak Wood Garden Bench

Wooden Bench without Backrest

Earth Tone Color Teak Wood Bench

Circular Slate Teak Wood Bench Tree from gramho

DIY Teak Wood On Budget Ideas

Repaint Teak Wood Garden Bench from googlechrome2016

Long Teak Wood Bench from deavita

Teak Wood Swing Bench from novocom

Light Beige Teak Wood Bench

Gold Splash Wooden Bench from

Teak Wood Garden Bench with Slate Backrest

Teak Wood Bench and Dining Table from foter

Teak Wood Bench Set  from bhg

Thick Wooden Garden Bench from outdoorinteriors

White Paint Wooden Bench from garden.katabara

DIY Natural Teak Wood Bench

Teak Wood Bench with Cushions from swimmpools

Folding Teak Wood Bench from areteindustries

Teak Wood Bench Shape Letter S from 9dach

Light Color Teak Wood Bench

Natural Teak Wood Bench

Teak Wood with Metal Chair

Vintage Reclaimed Wood Bench

Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture Garden


Outdoor Bench with Foot Area

Classic Style Teak Wood Bench

Teak Wood Chairs with Stone Firepit from kknews

Reclaimed Teak Wood Bench from tadgikov

Bench with Carved Backrest Ideas

Patterned Teak Wood Bench from sohu

Semicircular Bench from foter

Armchair Teak Wood Bench

Curved Back Bench from novocom

Wood Slab Garden Bench from countryliving

Teak Wood Bench with Pots from countryliving

Teak Wood Bench with Storage from countryliving

Combination of Wooden with Stone Bench from countryliving

Garden Bench with Arbor from countryliving

Repurposed Teak Wood Garden Bench from countryliving


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